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What's the most fun you've had in the last year? What were you doing, and who were you with? Why was it such a great time?

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  • The most fun I had in the last year was sister's wedding. There wasn't any yelling while my siblings and I were getting ready.
  • 2015, well the first half of it, was the best of my life. I get to experience living in Korea for four months as an exchange student. Going there has been my dream since I was little, and when I was selected you can imagine how excited I was. I get to know great people there, the culture, the weather, the food, everything. With other three university friends of mine, we went through ups and downs there, learning the new language, strolling down the street, stopping by at coffee shops, travelling to beaches and cities, lying down on the rooftop at night counting stars, and collecting as many memories as we could. It was a great year, and I enjoyed the first half of 2015 very much.
  • The most fun was probably my day my the seaside with my delectable friend Katherine. I took her to one of her old childhood haunts, Southsea. A seaside town which has a twin set of vague connections to me: My father studied his Engineering Degree at the Polytechnic in the late Sixties/early Seventies and it was the home for my good friend Julie, whom I no doubt would have revisited were she still living there. Kathy and I went around the arcades, went on a few rides at the fun fair and had a pleasant little picnic. Though we never got round to having a paddle in the sea or the ultimate seaside cliché of eating Fish and Chips on a bench on the front. Upton Jazz Festival was pretty fun though I feel some of the spark has gone a little, hopefully it will regain momentum this year.
  • Well it seems like when I had a Residents in the State of Idaho I was a lot happier and having a lot more fun and doing really well for myself being responsible, and independent, and as in working and Living. But now that I am living in the State of California in my Hometown, and had moved back sense the year 2012. Well, I have noticed there is a lot of difference. I have seen a lot of health problems around and a lot of issues being involved, too much danger, and fighting also, a lot of drama. It seems like everywhere you go in this State or in my Town there is a lot of conflict and issues. So, I have been trying to be happy and getting myself to forget about issues and badness, But, I had ended up taking health classes and enrolled in keeping healthy also, in continuing in taking up exercising again, and I have always enjoyed it. So, I have been running, jogging, and watching my weight. Well, in watching out for disturbances, and issue's that maybe caused as disturbance going on that I do not like and I do stay away from it and the drama. But, also there is a lot different ways on using the word "Drama" it could be used as in Drama Class, or explaining something fun, and explaining somebodies as drama or could be the act of acting as in drama. Which I have taken Drama Class and I like to use the word. But, I don't ever expect myself to be overly dramatic. I am actually really nice a funny. I hate the word when it's being used in a bad way. I also want to mention well, sense I have been back in California in my Hometown; I was really excepting happiness and enjoyment as It always been and was when I was little. I don't know what happen? And why?, It became aw-full. But, I have noticed again a lot of health issues and a lot of us, of People doing Drugs and getting it mixed up with the nice People, I also want to mention that I do not do Drugs I never have, their no need for it, and besides it's illegal in the USA, and it's gotten out of hand. I cannot stand going somewhere to hangout and that’s all there is; what happen to the good partying and get together’s as hanging out. I hate that some People have given advice that doing those things as Drug's are OK. I don't appreciate it and even some People that don't do it, and even innocent People have gotten hurt from it. I don't appreciate how somebody from the main part of this town as Fresno as-well had gotten away with it for so long, and giving out ideas that those things were OK, and that they even work in the Big Main part of this town as "The Mayors House" and with an attitude. I don't appreciate how things in this City Town became a big slack. Because of those things that are bad and their just doesn't seem like there is any safety anymore, with as them approving to allow those bad things to happen. Whoever it is? Should be Terminated immediately. For a lot of lack in Work and a lot of health issues being involved. I don't appreciate it and I want to stay happy and feel nice and I don't like not being comfortable and happy in my own life in my own Hometown. It used to feel like neon lights, ocean breeze, and cool warm nights, even feeling on Vacation all the time; it used to be a lot of fun, and around not anything to worry about around. I just don't know what happen? Things are just really bad. I have been back in California for about 5years now and there’s been nothing but as torture and bad health, not anything exciting as to being any fun and careful. I also don't like how their been so many issues that it's even hard getting your day started every day, even if you’re really pushing hard on it. It just seems to continue to be a struggle. And when those things happen you just don't know who to trust anymore. A then you wonder when are we going to be able to get "Married" and find a relationship and have Children. I am at age 32 and I wonder to myself when it is all going to happen for me? And that’s all I ever wanted after High School in year2002 and it still hasn't been happening, and I still haven't found it or something? But, I hope it gets better for me. Because, I don't want to stay by myself in Life, I want a relationship and children that’s come from a relationship, and marriages that happens as-well in that. I don't want to be getting sick and I shouldn't be getting sick. I took care of myself so well, to not be getting sick. I Exercise keep myself motivated and I keep busy, so I don't let myself down as-well. So, that’s why I am un-happy about the ways things have been lately I just don't think it’s right doing so much in My Life and ending up feeling that My Life had really gotten taken advantage of. And I did so much for myself, and always held more than one Job and I been really responsible and in Working for 17years now, and I don't like how I put all that effort in, and seems like I didn't end up anywhere and with anybody, and where I wanted to be in Life. I had "Big Dreams" and "Big Plans" and I also had Inspiring Goals and keeping my motivation and fitness at a good stance. So, that, nothing went wrong. So, I hope for now on nothing goes wrong. Because, I want the best I am trying for, and I shouldn't be getting set back in life on all of this. I had worked for a Living and should be gaining from it as in buying my "First Home", "A House" and having goodness in my Life. And diffidently I should be happy no matter what. But, diffidently happy, and succeeding what I want in Life. But I do, diffidently want a Boyfriend in my Life and to be happy with myself, and what I have. I should be really happy with myself finally in Life. Which to never back fire. So, I hope it continues for me to be happy Because, I deserve it, nothing but, happiness in my Life for myself to be happy. Well, thank you and take-care to you, and to myself. *MirandaR from Fresno CA. ♥LOVIN THE BEAUTIFUL BEACHES, ENJOYING THE COOL BREEZE & SOAKING UP THE SUN.♥ 02/03/2016
  • The most fun I've had all of last year was spending time with my family in Tennessee we did lots of things like go to pool, visiting the zoo I'm a huge animal lover so that made my day! going to theme parks it was great!! I really enjoyed it.
  • There wasn't anything that I could really consider fun that is worth talking about.
  • I was with my friends in high school, and we went trick or treating. As you all know, halloween is not celebrated in the Philippines, and we call November 1, All Saint's Day, not Souls. It was first time trick or treating. Met foreigners, and drank after. It was my birthday as well! It was fun!
  • Hmm, hmm. Not sure, but I think the Rockorchester Ruhrgebiet concert in Marl ranks pretty high. Why was it so good? Because it was great music, musicians who enjoyed playing, I was dancing and singing along and having a great time. Who was with me? No one, I went on my own. My folks were on holiday at the time and I don't know anyone who'd enjoy a concert like this.