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And the winner is...

Who do you think the Republican and Democratic nominees will be for the 2016 presidential election? If those two did become the nominee for their party, which do you think would win? What person do you really wish would run for president in the future?

Answers (11)

  • The devil.
  • I would honestly be happy as long as it is not Trump. I'm going to be honest, Trump has some okay ideas but the stuff that comes out of his mouth and his racism is going to lead the US into a war. I also think a Republican would be a good President, since we just had a Democrat and some of the best Presidents we ever had were Republicans. A lot of people might disagree with me, but I do hope Jeb Bush wins. I think he would do good for our country.
  • I think that Governor Christie will get the Republican nomination and Hillary Clinton will get the Democrat nomination. Dukakis would've been good. I also like Biden. After the presidential election, I'd like to see Obama on the Supreme Court.
  • 1st Well, I actually think that they should fire Obama Barack/Barack Obama being worthless democrat; because, all he did was fraud the country and cause a lot of hatred and problems and also used to many people lives because he didn't have the knowledge on his own. But I actually feel that they should hire a Republican person next and keep going with republicans to fix all on the mistakes that Obama & Michelle has caused and to also elect again a republican to get the united states back together from all the mistakes and those two black people Barack Obama his Niger wife Michelle has caused and level it back out and get things back to being responsible and correct business and things running correctly again. Instead of all the set on their black ass’s, just how they always are showing disrespect, and that’s why, black people get treated so bad, and act like president Obama with being democrat. Which also Obama Barack and Michelle kicking back acting like their working with their lazy ass's putting their feet up on the president’s desk acting like their working? But, worsening the United States and using the American people. So the democrat I think not and I have a feeling that in 2009/2010 and also 2011/2012 in between and well, was supposed to be 2015 but now 2016 I can’t believe they gave a negro from Africa all those years president and all the lives and born and raise as a "real" USA -American out of all the white people and white presidents and born hear Hispanics and Latino that they had given the black Niger practically 10years to fuckin worren the united states of America and that you guys kissed his ass more the even your own family and your own life. And you also gave those two black Niger's more years as a President than any other white President and all he did was worsen this country with being worthless democrat and with putting the USA through so much bankruptcy now. The United States of America is in really bad debt and are lives are at stake because those two Niger's practically gave ours Americans live to the other country as slaves because of the money we owe them. But, I think that a Republican should win for a while and get us back on the level with things as example, who should have been hired a while back ago, Sarah Palin and but what I was looking in to well the Republicans as Carly Fiorina, Sen.Joni Ernst, Rand Paul he looks strong, Ted Cruz , MarcoR, but, not Ben Carson because I have a feeling that he and those two black people Obama Borack & MechelleB are working to close together; it seems to much. But, Donal Trump would be OK Because, I know he would bring People to help out as-well and work on things. But a few Democrats which are 1-2 of them were OK as Hillary and Martin O'Malley but some seem OK then those two black people Obama Borack/Borack Obama& MechelleB I even wanted to run as President well, in this the last few years lol to boot Borack ObamaBorack/BorackObama&MechelleB "those two black People out" So I could get us back in order with things. & I am a Republican. 2nd Obamacare is for Obama Barack/Barack Obama and his black wife Mechelle-b; so, fuck yourself!! Because, they have caused sickness. So all they cause as sicknesses all back on them and is on themselves so, those "two black people". So, Gosh! Dang! Black People lol always causing conflict problems, and brings things down and people down, always bringing about your black race, and ethnicity you know where you belong it's not going to change here that just the way it iS from who came first from history. 3rd, AND PEOPLE!!!, AMERICANS!!! WHAT THE HELL! WERE YOU THINKING? DOING THIS TO OUR COUNTRY AND LETTING THEM BE TWO BLACK PEOPLE AS PRESIDENT. I WAS WORKING 2,3 JOBS. THEY WERE NOT SUPPOSE TO HAVE THAT PRESIDENT POSITION FOR THAT LONG AS-WELL. IF THOSE TWO BLACK PEOPLE WERE GOING TO BE PRESIDENT THEY WERE JUST SUPPOSE TO BE A SAMPLE, TEMPORALLY, & TRYING THEM OUT TO SEE HOW AMERICANS WERE GOING TO LIKE IT AND THINK IT AND WE WERE SUPPOSE TO "CAN THEM" OUT OF THEIR; BECAUSE, OF WHO THEY ARE!!! WHY DID YOU PEOPLE DO THIS TO OUR COUNTRY-USA?! THEY WORSEN THE THINGS HERE IN THE USA, AND STOLE IN A DIFFERENT WAY FROM THIS COUNTRY AS FROM ALL OF US AS THOSE TWO BLACK PEOPLE LEARNING FROM US AND HANDING IT OUT LIKE IT WAS THEIR KNOWLEDGE. WELL, I KNOW FOR SURE I DID NOT EVER GIVE TO THEM BECAUSE OF WHO THEY ARE. AND AGAIN OBAMACARE AND ACTUALLY FOR OBAMA BORAK/BARACK OBAMA, & MECHELLE-B OWN SICK PROBLEMS THEY CAUSED THEMSELVES ONLY, AND ALSO THEIR OWN EBOLA VIRUS THEY WERE TRYING TO BRING HERE FROM AFRICA WERE THEY ARE REALLY FROM. ALSO OBAMA AND MECHELLE B CANNOT LEAVE THIS COUNTRY AFTER PRESIDENCY BECAUSE THAT JUST THE RIGHT OF THE USA COUNTRY SO THEIR NO ESCAPING THIS COUNTRY OBAMA, MECHELLE B FROM YOUR THEFT AND STOLEN LOW WORTHLESS DEMOCRAT LIVES. AND BECAUSE YOU TRIED TO LOWER PEOPLE LIVES WITH YOUR WORTHLESS DEMOCRAT LIVE. LOL "SO, REALLY! OMG! GO FUCK THIS! GO FUCK YOURSELF". -MIRANDA ***"BUT NOT ANYTHING RUDE OR RACES, BUT, I DO LIKE RACE CARS LOL. BUT I AM JUST ANSWERING AND SAYING ABOUT THAT QUESTION IN BEING ASKED. BUT I DO LIKE AMERICA AS THE USA. GOOD LUCK TO US ALL. 4TH BUT I DO KNOW THAT THEIR WAS SUPPOSE TO BE A FEW PRESIDENTS THAT WE WERE SUPPOSE TO BE SEEING, AND HAVING AS PRESIDENT’S IF OBAMA AND MECHELLE DID NOT FRAUD AND TAKE OTHERS POSITION’S AS PRESIDENTS AS EXAMPLE, SARAH PALIN WOULD HAVE BEEN AWESOME BUT OBAMA STOLE SARAHS P WELL, THOUGHT ON GUN CONTROL, AND THEIR WAS ALSO, SUPPOSE TO BE MAYBE 2 OTHER PRESIDENTS. BUT, OBAMA DID SOMETHING BAD AND TOOK THEIR PRESIDENCY TIME STILLING THE OTHER PRESIDENTS POSITIONS NOT REALLY LIKE WINNING IT, I MEAN HE REALLY WAS TAKING THEIR PRESIDENT ABILITY, AND USING IT AS FRAUD AND FRAUDING BY TAKING THEIR PRESIDENCY TIME IN THIS USA COUNTRY, AND OBAMA CAME OVER ILLEGALLY AND ALSO, WHEN THEY GOT HIRED OBAMAB WHICH, I THINK WASN'T THE ONE THAT HAD WON/WIN PRESIDENCY IT WAS ANOTHER MAN, AND OBAMA STOLE THE POSITIONS AND OBAMA FAKED IT AND PUT IN FAKE VOTES. ***BUT, DON'T BE AFRAID TO SPEAK-UP ABOUT YOUR COUNTRY; JUST DON’T BE GETTING IN TROUBLE; THAT’S ALL, AND TAKE-CARE.
  • I would really be surprised if Hillary doesn't get the nomination. On the other side, could Trump actually get the nomination? I guess that depends on his supporters. His rally's bring in lots of people, but are they there because they believe he should be President, or because he's a celebrity? Are they even going to vote? At least with the other candidates, their supporters are probably planning on voting. I don't believe Trump when he says he won't run as an Independent if he doesn't get the nomination. I don't see him giving up until it's all over. I think Marco Rubio could win the nomination, but I haven't got a clue which side would actually win the election. I don't know of anyone that I believe in enough to wish he/she would run for President. Of the people who are in politics today, most have their own agenda. If that agenda happens to coincide with "the good of the country", trust me, it's probably an accident.
  • I really hope Bloomberg steps in to the run
  • I don't know, since I don't folloow them. They don't say anything that is worth while. I wish Evan Stone, or Jenna Jameson, or even Dennis Hof would run for president. Even Joe Arpaio, or Andrew Dice Clay or Bill Cosby. THEY would be a better choice. END OF STORY! #elliotrodger
  • I want to see Trump vs. Bernie Sanders. The debates between those two would be amazing. (And I can't imagine Trump winning in that match up, which is just fine with me)
  • This is why I am glad I'm Canadian lol.. I just hope it's not Trump. Good grief! o_o
  • Who will win? The capitalists.
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