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If you could go back in time and give some advice to your younger self, what would it be? What age would you go back to in order to deliver this advice? Do you think your younger self would listen to you and heed the advice?

Answers (16)

  • I would go back to being 15 and tell myself to damn well stop worrying about all the tiny, trivial things. Have a little confidence, stop caring about how you appear to others and just enjoy yourself. School isn't enjoyable in the least but at least you have the next year planned out; you know what you're doing. School. It isn't so easy once you leave and it really doesn't take long for the existential dread to settle in.
  • i'd go back and tell my 13-yo self that it's okay to let some friends go, it's okay to be confident and talk at the front of the class, and it's okay to like someone even if they don't like you back because you're still young and you'll thank yourself later. i live being the eldest in my sibling and i know nobody older so i am sure the younger me would listen to this because at that time she struggled so much on her own she didn't know who to rely on, who to hold and who to let go and how should she deal with her feelings.
  • Don't drink. Don't give your word until you've thought things through. Always keep your word, especially to family. If you have to work to convince yourself that an action is right, you are probably wrong.
  • If I could give advice to my younger self? Get married to Greg Ryder. I would go back maybe to my 20s. I think my younger self would do such a thing.
  • As I am currently facing a root canal and replacement crown (plus 4 more fillings and some kind of reconstruction) I would go back as early as I could just to pop in all the damn time on my former self to leave sticky notes about oral hygiene. I never had a parental unit harp on me about brushing my teeth. I never got into good brushing habits. I would also somehow make sure mom had the money to pay for orthodontia when I needed it. Unfortunately, my mouth is too small for my teeth (insert joke here about how i really don't have a big mouth, haha) so I have one lower tooth behind all the others, and one upper tooth that's cocked in such a way that there's a bad pocket behind it where it meets the next tooth... my front top teeth are a wee crooked but it's a charming kind of crooked... my bottom ones are all kinds of crowded out... and I have impacted wisdom teeth. Yay! I really, really hope my younger self would listen. I'd leave her sticky notes, typed reminders, emails, pictures of the x rays and dental bills and say "The future can be rewritten!" I'd lay in wait for that first bad dental checkup just to jump out of the bushes, grab myself by the shoulders, shake me like a British nanny, and yell "WE DISCUSSED THIS!!!" I will put the fear of me into myself. *lol*
  • I would go back in time and tell my younger self at age twenty not to take the government job. My younger self would probably dismiss me due to needing a decent paying job.
  • Every "mistake" I've made in my life either was unavoidable at the time, or eventually led to a better outcome than if I hadn't made it, or both. The big "mistakes" I've made were due to mental instabilities that I have that weren't correctable until the proper medicines were invented -- and I was on them within a couple years of when they were approved for what I have. Any regrets I have? Well, there are perhaps a few people I should have flirted harder with whom I am now out of touch. I'd thought of writing up some house rules that I'd come up with for GURPS and sending them off to PYRAMID magazine, and, had I done that, maybe I could have ended up writing a GURPS supplement at some point. There was this one time where I was at a con where Steven Brust was the guest of honor, and I'd heard that he was hanging out and playing guitar somewhere, and I just was feeling tired and I didn't have my guitar with me. So, if I had it all over to do again, I'd have brought my guitar to that con, and made sure to go jam with Brust. And at a different con, I'd heard that Amanda Palmer and Brian Viglione were hanging out in one of the rooms, and I didn't go hang out with them. So those are my regrets. I didn't flirt well enough with two people I can think of after college. I didn't put together an article for a roleplaying game magazine. And I didn't jam with an author and hang out with some musicians when I might have had the chance. That's about it, really.
  • I would go back to when I was a sophomore in high school. I would tell younger self to focus more on .....school. I would also encourage myself to attempt the ACT's to try to get accepted into a four-year university and I think that my younger self would listen at first but later...not so much.
  • I would tell myself that life is too precious to spend regretting over.
  • I would never do it. Even a very small change in past events can have huge consequences. If I went back at any time earlier than 1990, I might never have ended up marrying Kathy (and in fact any change up until the wedding could do that). Sure, there's things I regret doing and would like to change, but the likelihood is that I'd cause something -- maybe a LOT of somethings -- to change in a way I didn't like.
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