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Drink Up

What's your favorite beverage that you drink often (daily or near-daily)? Why do you enjoy it so much?

Answers (24)

  • Anyone who knows me, knows that I drink green tea - well, I'd say religiously, but it is practically a religious activity in Japan, so that might give the wrong impression! It does have an incredibly soothing, meditative effect on me sometimes, admittedly. It works with practically every food I eat (although I wouldn't have it with some Western entrees, just Because. It's inappropriate, you know.) At it's height, I was drinking approximately five pots of tea a day. Yes, that's five pots of tea, not five cups. Because insofar as it's possible, I make it with loose leaf, in a proper pot, drunk with the appropriate small, handle-less teacup (and without milk or sugar, of course, because only heathens drink it with milk or sugar to any extra condiments of any kind. Whoops, there I go again.) I might occasionally Have Opinions when it comes to tea. Naturally, if I'm drinking tea made by others, I will be polite and appreciative of the care they are showing. I still prefer only to drink green tea, but it's hardly fair to expect someone who usually only drinks Builder's Brew, or even coffee, to have decent tea making accoutrement. I used to be a lot more fussy about the type of tea I would drink too, but managing a professional development course and working 10-14 hour days for a week at a time in a place where the only green tea available is that awful Twinings tea bag stuff that tastes like it's been swept off the factory floor maybe a year or two ago... Well, you make do. I needed something to get me through the day. Generally a takeaway cup every hour or two would do it. Over time I grew, well, not exactly fond of it, but at least to tolerate it. I've come to realise that there's worse green tea out there (including some of the other Twinings green teas - it's bad enough on it's own, but with lemon flavouring? *Shudders*) But still, the first thing I do when I get home? Make myself a decent pot of green tea.
  • My favorite beverage would have to be Coffee is soothes me and keeps me focused I don't drink to much of it though only when needed like for school
  • Mostly water - Spring water, if I can get it, caffeine/aspartame free sodas (Sparkling Ice), and apple or orange juice. Why? Well, to stay hydrated. Soda is just something I have to have for that fizzy texture, especially with a meal. I suppose it's kind of a habit.
  • Plain water from my Sodastream. No flavorings necessary. After that, good strong tea.
  • WATER! I drink about 2 L of water every day. But other than water, I'd say coffee. I don't enjoy coffee as much as I need it to stay awake. But I do really enjoy the smell of coffee. I love the smell of coffee.
  • Coffee, because is Coffee!! like we realy need another reason, it's bitter, its dark and its perfect match for my soul
  • I'm a milk drinker. Two cups of skim milk every morning for as long as I can remember. I started doing it to ensure I got enough calcium back in high school or university, but I always drank it even before then. Now I do it because that cold delicious liquid is just the thing to give me energy in the morning.
  • During the winter, green tea. It's hot and it's good for you. The Bruegger's near where I work has Steep brand teabags that are a very nice quality of tea.
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