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Writer's Block

Travel: Top Three Places

What are your top three destinations and why go there?

Answers (110)

  • There's so many places that I want to see, so it's hard to pick just three, but I'll give it a shot.

    1. Tokyo, Japan. For me, who loves alternative clothing, Tokyo and esp. Harajuku is a paradise for me. And of course, I'm an anime and manga addict.

    2. Africa. As I love all things African, I can't choose one spot at that continent, but I would love to go on wildlife safari and visit the market at Marakesh (sp?).

    3. London. Probably the city I love the most. For me, it's got everything; various ethnic food, great shopping and some of the coolest "mind-fillers" (read; museums, esp. British Museum) ever. Best of all; next Monday at this time I'm probably in a tube travelling to Hyde Park or Oxford Street or something.
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  • France. Viva La France!!!!!!!  He he....  I'm part French...I guess that's why I would want to go there...  Also, Johnny Depp supposedly lives there!!!  *drools* Germany. I've heard it's a very clean place...  I like cleanliness.... Japan. TECHNOLOGY!!!!!!!!!!  Wheeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Egypt - always wanted to, and now maybe even more lebanon because of the dancing. Why wouldn't you want to go there! <3 Still makes me think about Glenn . .. I'm a sap. We always wanted to go together. It was going to be our honey moon. lol Bahamas? - hot sunny beaches, half-naked women. . . sounds like a good plan. Alaska - even if I only passed by I am determined to see the northern lights before I die. I think the whoel 6 months sunlight/darkness would be kinda cool to experience as well.
  •  new york, germany, and..... idk, i would because it has always been my dream to go to new york and i guarentee that i would fall for any guy who would take me there without knowing my dream.  germany because i have been learning german and my brother went to germany so i would like to visit some of the places he has been to
  • 1. Iraq- because its an intriguing country, where civilization was born, I'd love to see the ancient buildings and ruins.
    2. Egypt-The most amazing culture and history, love to see the pyrimids at Giza and the Valley of Kings.
    3. Fiji-Just because its so exotic.
  • The top three places I'd love to visit would be Stratford-on-Avon in Great Britain, Prince Edward Island in Canada, and Johannesburg, South Africa. I'd love to visit the recreated Globe Theater in Stratford, the place where William Shakespeare wrote and directed his famous plays during the Elizabethan age. I like theater, and I'd like to experience one of these days exactly how Elizabethan audiences saw the theater-- standing up on the lower floors, looking up at the action on the stage, and marveling over the production and costumes of the day. Renactments and Renaissance faires are cool, so going there would be up my twisted little alley. As a little girl, I loved reading Anne of Green Gables, partially inspired by the Canadian-produced series on the Disney Channel. Loved, loved, loved the books and the characters-- one of my best friends, to this time, often refers to our relationship as Anne and Diana, as she is like Anne and I'm like Diana. I'd love to see the actual places where Montgomery wrote and thought about while writing those lovely novels. Besides, I've wanted to visit Canada to say I've been to three countries (I've already traveled the U.S. and hit the tourist traps in Mexico). Why Johannesburg, South Africa? I know some missionaries from there, and my father has visited that place a few times. He raves about the people and the culture there, and ever since the destruction of apartheid, I've wanted to go at least once in my life. Seeing Pop's pictures of the bustling city forever changed my albeit stereotypical views about Africa, and I wanted to taste, smell, feel, and hear everything about that city. Later, folks.
  • WELL. i think it would have to be ...... FRance (either st. tropez or paris), the french riviera would be amazing and paris of course the capital of haute couture...duh. italy (milan or rome)-milan- one of the fashion capitals of the world, and rome seems so historic Tokyo, Japan- i've been wanting to go ever since i saw lost in translation...loser i kno
  •  Nepal, Tibet, and India. They are where this heart lays
  • Well let's see... The top three places I would want to go... Hmm... Well on top of the list is Japan, more specifically Tokyo and Kyoto. I would want to go there because of all the cool stuff they have, the cosplay cafes, the culture, the nightlife, it's all so wonderful! The next place on my list would be England, just because of the culture there and the sexy accents. Let's see... Number three... Ah! I would want to go to a far away galaxy where there is intelligent life and lots of technology!
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