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The end and the beginning

How was the year 2015 for you -- what was the most important thing that happened to you this year? With 2016 about to dawn on us, what things are you looking forward to (or dreading) the most about the new year? If you make resolutions at this time of year, how good are you at keeping them as time goes by?

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  • As the year 2016 is about to draw to a close, there are parts of it that I’d most definitely like to forget. Things most definitely had been turned upside down, beyond my control. Much of this year—in the beginning—has been sad and lonely. I felt like no one really cared about me anymore whatsoever. I didn’t think that I’d even be loved ever again, as it seemed like no one wanted to be with me because of my disability. This was the year of my marriage fail. Around Thanksgiving of 2015 (another year of terror in my memory), I was accused Nothing’s more hurtful than being accused of bringing it on. I feel like I could’ve been a better person for him, and this may not have had to happen to begin with. Disabilities. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. Also during the near end of last year, I was walked out on multiple times, not being told when he’d return. Nothing’s worse than feeling like an orphan, who didn’t exactly do anything wrong whatsoever. My dad even said we shouldn’t be together because our disabilities’re so much unalike. That really hurt coming from a parent. I can definitely say that last year didn’t end well whatsoever. That was the year my marriage fell apart around the middle of the year. Ultimately, my ex and I thought that moving to a section 8 housing complex for people with disabilities in Jacksonville, Illinois would allow us to be more independent. The drawback to that was we learned that I may not be able to get a personal assistant. I had to spend the holidays of last year alone with my parents. I felt like I’d never be loved again—like there wasn’t anyone out there for me, who wanted to take care of someone who had limitations of how much I can do without having to resort to asking for assistance when I just couldn’t do it anymore. The beginning of this year saw the move to Deer Path here in Huntley, Illinois. Sometime after that, I was still lonely—dealing with the pain of what I’d already had to endure within the last year alone. All I really was hoping for was the pain to somehow magically vanish without me having to do anything whatsoever. Then the most amazing guy showed up around the middle of April. Sean rescued me from having to deal with other guys bothering me, getting me to be interested in them—either because we were sharing the same likes, or around the same age. Sean has been there for me all of this entire 2016 calendar year. The thing I’m dreading about the new year is that something may happen to my relationship with Sean. I really don’t want to lose him, just like how my last loss happened. I really don’t want to have to go through that all over again. Haven’t I already been through enough for once? I need a break from all this pain.
  • 2015 was a very up and down year. The store I was working in closed - but I was able to get a transfer at the eleventh hour (literally a couple of days before the store was closing) to another branch , where I would never have imagined working in due to its location. It took a while to adjust to the change and after 9 months I finally feel like it's all settling down (though we'll see what the New Year brings). Also, the release of the new Star Wars movie was just a great way to end the year. It's been a long time coming and boy was it worth the wait - and my I just say that Rey is awesome XD 2016... I'm hoping it will be the year I return to writing again after years of sparodic bouts of writing little. It's and then having long periods of writers block. I'm hopeful that'll happen. Another good thing in terms of fandom is the release of so many cool movies this year; from BFG, Captain America and Doctor Strange to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them, Star Wars: Rogue One and of course, X Men: Apocalypse. Bad things - well, best not to dwell on the potential bad days until they come.
  • I had a good year in comparison to years past. Getting older and my body is giving me the classic warning signs. I listen and do what I am told. I'm very lucky because of my good health. No resolutions here. What I do comes automatically from instinct. The new year is going to have its problems and there is nothing I can do about it so I'll just watch.
  • 2015 was a pretty depressing year... The most important thing was the end of my first romantic relationship, a 10 years relationship. I'm looking forward to heal and move on. I'm going to graduate from college and care for myself. I usually don't follow my resolutions, but as I'm being myself again, I want to be the best of it. So, I'm keeping them! ;)
  • Right before 2015, I was hoping to rejoin academia, but when I received the thin envelope in March, I decided to finally pursue teaching English abroad. In June-July I passed the CELTA, quit my job of 5(!) years, and prepared to move to Russia. Now I'm back in St. Petersburg, 10 years after I first left it, with a much more optimistic, if undefined, path for the next few months and years.
  • As far as I'm concerned, just making it to the end of 2015 makes the year a success. Nothing major happened good or bad. 2 days into 2016 things are going ok. It's pretty cold here, El Paso, and we haven't seen the sun yet, this year. That's kind of unusual for us ... they don't call us the Sun City for nothing. I've finally learned that making a resolution is the kiss of death for said resolution. Although I have decided to try to make a commitment to posting things to my LJ page this year, seems silly to have a page with nothing on it. We'll see how that goes. I'm not promising myself anything.
  • I stepped out of my comfort zone and was put in many awkward situations. It really helped me grow as a person.
  • 2015 zipped by at break-neck speed. One good thing from the year was my finally being able to abstain from compulsive overeating. Need to keep up the momentum in '16. I'm dreading the presidential election. The Republican party has discarded their values to become a forum for various wannabes who are cookoobananas!
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  • This year was really fun. I actually went to prom for my last year of high school and and hung out with my best friends more than I ever have and then I graduated and then I got a second job and quit my first job and I make more money at my current job then I hung out with my friend for the last time before winter started and that was on Halloween, and we went to a parade and then later, we watched a movie and then we ate at Applebee's and then we went home. I also have to mention that this year, I got my permit and what I look forward to is getting my license on my first try and then getting my car as soon as possible for next year. This was the best year I have ever had.
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