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Talk about a recurring dream you've had, or talk about your most vivid dream. What makes it stick in your memory?

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  • I've had the most icky dream, several times, and it is just so... ANyway, it starts like this:

    Everything's great, I'm at some sort of a camp, along with all my friends. But then, I realize people are disappearing and it smells weird in one side of the area, we're at. All of a sudden, I'm confronted with that the self-tanning centers, actually are like crematoriums. People, like, goes in and gets burned alive! And I'm so appalled, that I get the camp leader, who's just trying to get me to go inthere. And then I convince someone named Dorothy, that we've got to go because they kill people... and luckily, I get out alive.... but the whole idea of... gross.

  • Ehs. I always have this dream where i'll be FLYING. 
    It's not like i have wings, but i'll fly when i flap my ARMS. 
    It sounds crazy i know. 

    The dream will be like i'm escaping from some people.
    I'll keep running and running, until i'm at my wits end...
    I'll then flap my arms and i'll fly!!! OMO. 
    That feeling is great LOL. It's like they can't catch you and you'll be laughing at them.
    It seems damn real. If you don't put in effort in flapping you'll just fall down D: 
    I had this dream whereby i flew and then i don't know why but i nearly got caught in a tornado. o.o 
    the most "exciting adventure" was when i leaped off my 11th storey house. i flew of course. =.= 
    and when i wake i'll be like, luckily i'm not sleepwalking or something T__T 
    it's kind of scary and freaky when you think about it. D: WHAT IF THESE DREAMS REALLY HAPPENED, JUST THAT TIME STOPPED AND NOBODY CAN REMEMBER?!

    Sometimes i'll dream of my boyfriend(s) or unknown guys.
    It's not like i know them. It's not like i've seen them before. o.o
    I can't see their faces whenever i dream of them so yea. o.o WEIRD. 

    gosh. i want better dreams... like, YUNHO or DBSK or SUPER JUNIOR!!!
  • вот уже на протяжении лет 10 мне иногда снится один и тот же сон. я не буду его описывать, так как он пугает меня до сих пор. но за эти 10 лет я научился его изменять, но пока не в лучшую сторону.иногда становиться жутко от того что там происходит. с каждым годом он становиться все длиннее и длиннее, а заканчивается одним и тем же моментом. от которого я просыпаюсь. вот такие кошмары меня мучают
  • ummmmm...i'll say when a person talks to u in ur dreams..wellps thats wat i think.
  • It always began in the park. There was an old woman in a crocheted shawl. Very intricate; it resembled a spider's web. She was sitting on a park bench where I came to sit too. In my later dreaming consciousness, I knew this was a disguised witch; earlier on I did not know. She was kindly. I was a child, trusting. Inevitably, she changed. Transformed, chased us through the town. Inevitably, we would be cornered. (I believe there was a general store; I must have been reading a lot of "Little House" books when I had these dreams.) Sometimes a man would pick me up while we were running. (She was chasing the entire town.) Occasionally I would be running alone. She always cornered us but was never defeated. The dream never ended in actual harm, but there was a lot of fear involved. That was my recurring childhood nightmare.
  •  I am a girl of many, many dreams. I'd say i dream every single night and as time goes, they continue to become more and more realistic. But my most recurring dream? This is an incredibly strange question because my recurring dream ended up being completely connected to reality. I had this dream quite often. I was in an old victorian house. It's in the middle of pretty much no where. in between a few hills. It's tall and white. I can remember each room like it were my own, and in my dreams, one of these rooms was. There are children that i am playing with in the field outside the home: they are my siblings. I am one of 2 girls and i have a brother. I have a father and a mother, and we are all dressed like we are from the 1800's, in simple white dresses and shoes that you have to button. I can remember the wood floors and running through the grass and into the house where dinner would be waiting.  it was just soo real

    I continually had a dream about this house and these people. 
    One day, though, I was driving along a freeway with my family and i saw a house. It was the exact same house that i was always dreaming about. I ended up looking the house up online and it was built in the 1800s and belonged to a family: The Glass Family. They had the exact amount of kids that were in my dream, same number of boys and girls. The house is the exact replica of the house in my dream except for one thing: the door. The door didn't look the same. Because this was strange to me, i continued researching. It turns out, when the house was being remodeled to be preserved, the door was completely changed. 

    WIERD coincidence? perhaps..

    here's a pic of the house

  • Sadly I keep having the same dream alot.. And it's always different but only a few things are the same.. It's always Druie dieing... And a few more other things.. But I don't wanna really talk about it since it upsets me..
  • I don't have a particular dream that I have all the time. But a variety of my dreams happen in the same place or setting. I lived in this two-story house about 7 years ago and I constantly find myself back there when I dream. I really liked that house and I had a lot of childhood memories there. I remember that being the place where I let my imagination soar. I feel like I left my simple childhood life when I left that place.
    I would say the most acurring dream I've ever had was one where me and a bunch of my friends where flying around in top gun fighter mechs like the ones in macross. And the most vivid dream I've ever had was one where I woke up started my day and went to school. Wierdest thing about that dream is everything happened esactly how it did in the dream except for one thing. It was like the movie groundhogs day it was wierd.
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