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Why are you asking me that?

What question do you most dislike being asked? Why does it annoy you so much? On the flip side, what question do you most enjoy being asked and why?

Answers (28)

  • I always thought the more interesting question to ask is, "Where are you going?"
  • What question do you most dislike being asked? "Where are you from?" Why does it annoy you so much? Gods. That question just irks me. I get asked it all the time. I guess I've just overheard it, so it's very tedious to answer. It's like, I have to go into my life story and have others pry into my life just to answer some question that really doesn't need all that detail. I was born in Russia. I am adopted. My father is Irish. My mother is British. Where I'm from is where I feel that I'm from. So, I say "Irish". That is my nationality I identify with. When I was adopted, the first passport I got was an Irish passport. I use a British passport these days, but I feel more Irish than British. Deep in my heart, there is my Russian, my blood is Russian, but since being adopted, that is my past, and not what I identify as. This might change in time; who knows? Another reason I find this question so tedious? I get sick of people contradicting my answer, and being all, "Well, you're born in Russia, so you're Russian" or "You don't even sound Irish. . .or British. . .or Russian" when I try to explain. . .simply because I have a very mixed, unidentifiable accent. Um. NO. Do not be asking me something just to defy my answer. Daft people. This is what I feel, not what you feel. Why ask a personal question if you're not going to respect the answer? In the end, I end up brushing it off because I've been there, done that with all the discussion. I am from where I identify that I am from. Well, all ranting aside: I am from Asgard, bitches! ~_^ On the flip side, what question do you most enjoy being asked and why? Oh, anything to do with my lovely God of Mischief. Must I really answer why? I could talk endlessly talk about Loki? I'll never get bored! Also, I love questions to do with travel. I could talk hours about that topic, too. I have travelled a lot, I plan to travel a lot, and it's one of my passions, so, of course, I love talking about it. =^u^=
  • My last name is Ferrari.. Yes it is.. Can you imagine how many times I have been asked, "Do you have one"? My answer is, no I have a Mustang and the Insurance is still very expensive. I feel sorry for tall people when the morons ask them, "hey, how's the weather up there"? And one last thing…….. Hallelujah, my ex-wife got married again and is finally giving up MY last name… Whole bunch of things I could say here but I will be nice. I love MY last name because its cool but mostly because its legendary…
  • I hate people asking why I don't live with my parents, is that such a bad thing? I love it when someone asks what my favorite Disney movie is, doctor who episode or even my next tattoo :)
  • I hate people ask me what my kid do because my stomach was stick out I not gain weight nothing told one person NO IM NOT HAVING KID! she end up say sorry pissed me off little.
  • "How did your exams go?" Asking me right after exams.... How would I know?!
  • Are you a Muslim? Not because it's wrong to be a Muslim, it's just the assumption that man with long beard = Muslim. Changed a little with the hipster beard thing, but for a long time it was assumed I had a long beard for religious reasons (Muslim, Jewish, etc) which annoyed. It's more the laziness that irritates - but it does give me a slightly different perspective when people treat me badly because of the way I look, and current events because I get lumped in so feel I should be anti-prejudice...it's also kind of a shorthand way of finding out if someone is a dick, saves time. I quite enjoy being asked or commented on the beard though, that's nice. Or the tshirts I wear.
  • I can think of two: 1) "When are you going to get a girlfriend?" I know I'd like one, but I'm just too nervous - I find it really hard, but I just get nagged so much about how I'm not getting any younger. Let me do it in my own good time. 2) I also hate being asked, "Why do you look so worried?", or "Stop looking so worried", to which I tend to protest that I don't, to which the other person usually mumbles something like, "Yeah, right!" 1) It's just the way I look - I didn't ask anyone to look at me and try and analyse what I'm feeling, and 2) WHY DO YOU CARE? Leave me alone - and if I'm feeling happy and someone starts suggesting that I'm not, well, it makes me feel unhappy.
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