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Were you a fan of stuffed animals or plush toys as a child? Do you still enjoy them as an adult? What was your favorite stuffed animal when you were a kid -- do you still have it? Are there any toys from your childhood that you wish you had held onto?

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  • Were you a fan of stuffed animals or plush toys as a child? I will say I liked them but not to the point where I was a fan for them. As a kid, I always preferred mini sets; like living room, kitchen set, food and so on. What was your favorite stuffed animal when you were a kid -- do you still have it? I didn't have any favorite stuffed animal but I had a favorite mini kitchen set - I still have it with me till now. It was so hard and out of the question to get rid of it. I'm serious. As for the stuffed animal, I have a small white bear given to me as a gift from my sister. I still have it and sometimes think of turning it into a charm. I also have to add that even though I don't have any favorite stuff animals, I always enjoyed making my own plushies. Sewing one with my own hands is way more pleasing than getting one. Are there any toys from your childhood that you wish you had held onto? I had 2 favorite toys, the kitchen set and a small wagen which I wish I had held onto. It was a charming little toy.
  • I vaguely remember a Panda Teddy Bear.. It seems to me I wore it out because it was dirty? That is a really foggy memory.. I think my Mom said, "I out grew it".. Some how it turned into Cowboy and Army suits and boots with a cap pistol.. Who remembers that cap pistol and those little rolls of caps?
  • It's been a while. I don't actually know where to find the Writer's Block questions any more; I only see them if somebody else posts one. If you're wondering why an adult would confess to cuddly toy ownership, allow me to point you firstly at this recent [adjective][species] editorial by , and secondly at one of my favourite quotations:
    When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up. Cs. S. Lewis
    I had many, many cuddly toys as a child; I was given them, and I bought them for myself. I still own a handful of these ragged and beloved creatures (including an Andrex puppy, which places me firmly in a certain generation), but most of them I got rid of when my mum moved out of the house I grew up in. Such is the human capacity for anthropomorphication that I felt pretty bad about it and still do. Like a lot of people, I assumed that at some point I would pass through an adulting process in which I would learn to know all the answers, apply lipstick, and stop sleeping with toy animals. Didn't happen. My parents, I know, worried about my taking a companion or two to boarding-school, and to university, but I was hardly alone, or even in a minority. I no longer sleep with so many toys in the bed that there's barely room for me, like Dave's big sister in Dogger, but I do share with a large cuddly husky, and have a basket of other animals on rotation. When I'm travelling I take a small husky named Bootsy along, because I like having something to hold if I'm sleeping in a strange bed. I do still acquire soft toys by gift or purchase. Mostly huskies, these days, but anything with a nice face is likely to be scooped up.
  • I still have a few. They mostly stay in my bedroom. I am thinking of... letting them go someday. Is it silly? Possibly. But in today's world, filled with dread and a huge undercurrent of hatred for anything that moves, I'd rather have some piece of something that makes me HAPPY & GIDDY! Call me a damn fool if you want. I also have some action figures, so yes. Life seems shorter these days. Might as well enjoy it, even with silly things.
  • I don't remember being a huge fan of stuffed toys in general as a kid but... I still have my stuffed tiger from when I was...well, forever! I have pictures of him from everywhere I have traveled, and even now as an adult take him with me, and get pictures of him at famous or beautiful places. On beaches, by waterfalls, etc. It can seem silly at times, but it is nice to have something special that has been a part of you for so long.
  • i had a a cute little blue bunny and a grey/ rainbow bear,the went missing and i dont know how...\(T^T)/
  • Nope, didn't have plushies. I had cars, robots, and all kinds of boy stuff. No plushies.
  • Yeah, but what kid isn't, right? No, I don't enjoy them as much, since I outgrew it, like I outgrew alot of things. Are there any toys I wish I held onto? No, I don't like to remember anything, so why hold onto something that will only make me remember something I don't want to remember, right?
  • I loved stuffed animals a lot when I was a child, and I still have them as an adult. There is a sense of sentimentally I have with them, and of all the toys I had as a child, those are the ones I cherish the most.
  • HECK YES. I always preferred stuffed animals to baby/little girl dolls, although admittedly, I did love the dolls I had. But my stuffed animal collection is enormous. I have my brother's plushies that he gave me, and all the ones that were only ever mine, both gifts and ones I've bought. I still adore them all. While I stopped collecting for a while because I was overwhelmed, I think it was my love of My Little Pony that really started me going again. I have the talking Twilight Sparkle plushie that was one of the first G4 plushies released. Then I have one of almost every character released in the 10-inch size by Funrise (I want my Sunset Shimmer, sob sob), plus the bigger Celestia and Cadance. I also have Aurora's season 1 Luna and every Build-a-Bear Pony released in the stores save for their Celestia and Cadance, as well as Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie. (I think I'm going to get the big Ty Pinkie Pie, if I can get the really good one at the Hallmark store with a better-developed muzzle than many of the Ty plushies. Their Pinkie's hair is just gorgeous, oh my gosh. And I'm going to get Zecora and Shining Armor, now that they're no longer online exclusives and are in stores.) Occasionally I get other types of plushies as well, usually other licensed characters like the TMNT or Hello Kitty or Care Bears, but I'll get anything that seriously strikes my fancy, such as an adorable bat plushie. I also like to get every really awesome cat and fish plushie I see. And I occasionally make human plushies with Jo-Ann's pre-stuffed dolls. I am still seriously obsessed with plushies. So soft and cuddly.... I adore soft things. Favorite childhood plushie ... oh wow. How do I pick just one? There's the brown-and-white dog that was my brother's that's probably my favorite of the plushies I got from him. She's been everything from a Bassett Hound to a hound dog, but for years she's been a Springer Spaniel named Madeleine. And there's the gray Poodle Pound Puppy that I named Georgette, because I loved Georgette in Oliver & Company. (Later I finally got a real Georgette plushie, which I adore too. But the gray Poodle is still named Georgette as well.) And there's my Sonic the Hedgehog, which absolutely thrilled me on Christmas morning 1994, when I didn't even know Sonic plushies existed! I have all of my toys. It's some of the childhood books and videos I sold when I was desperate for money. Some of those I don't miss, but there are others I wish I hadn't sold. I have a policy now of not selling anything; I never know when I might want it and not have it.
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