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Honest & True

Sometimes we are so focused on the negative aspects of ourselves that we overlook the ways in which we excel, so let's be kinder to ourselves today. Take some time out and ask... what do I like best about me? What makes you unique? How do you think others would answer that question about you?

Answers (10)

  • I never thought I would be a success at what I have done. Now its years later at one day at a time. That's all it takes.. People will try but won't even come close. I like that I can keep a low profile and that my presence in a room is setting an example for what is possible for anyone....
  • I think my best feature is that I always listen to people's problems and have often been willing to put others ahead of me. I can be an incredibly patient and generous person and will always stand up for someone if they are getting a raw deal, even if I don't particularly like the individual in question. I'm not sure what others would say about me, not sure I would want to know either.
  • I could write a million things I dislike about myself, from my social anxieties to my tomato hatred, but I don't usually ask myself or others what they might love about themselves. I think I will take this question with me for the week and see how people answer. Thank you for that! That being said.. The thing I like most about myself is that I listen. I purely listen, and I know I listen. You probably find yourself talking to people, telling them a story or stating feelings on a subject that means a lot to you. It might get lengthy, it might not, but you always have that person who will look at you and nod and go mmhmm, mmhmm, oh yeah, obviously waiting for you to finish so that they can talk about what is on their mind. It's like a lot of people don't have connecting conversations anymore because they are too eager to talk about themselves, one-up your story, or put themselves into a similar situation without actually providing feedback or healthy back and forth. When you talk to me, I want to know every emotion. I want to know what you feel and I want to ask questions. The most fascinating thing about humans is how we differ so dramatically, even on the most mundane topics that come up in life - what way the toilet paper should unroll, where you get pizza, what kinds of vehicle you prefer to drive. I want to know WHY. I don't have any idea why more people don't want to dive deep into the minds of the human beings around them. Unique? We are all unique. Frankly, just being here makes me unique.... and I keep it weird. I have asked other people before what they like most about me. It's usually my humor, or my favorite answer from a friend I haven't spoken to in ages - "You get obnoxiously excited about things as ordinary as a sunset - and its contagious. I wish I could get excited about the pure beauty of the earth around us." Love yourself people, and learn the inner workings of other peoples brains. - It's healthy and you will learn a lot.
  • In grade 6, my school had these monthly awards where 1 person from each class would win. There were different themes like kindness, empathy, honesty, etc, and each class anonymously voted on who would win. I ended up winning the empathy award, and my teachers read some of the votes and they said things like "She came over to hang out with me when I was alone on the bench." and "She always helps me out with my problems." I never really thought about it when I did things like that.
  • People answer that question however they choose to see me. It is on them, not me. What do I like best about me? I like the fact that I am successful in art, just wish it was more beneficial financially. What makes ME unique? Just being who I am, and it is all I would ever want to be. Everything else is irrelevant, and not worth even considering.
  • I'm not really sure about this, and i'm not really sure what kind of answer other people will answer this question be. But, well, what do i like most of myself is that i'm quite humble (???) i don't know!! lol ah, and i'm good at memorizing songs and learning languages. lol. i don't think i'm that special afterall. lol
  • Perseverance, determination, intelligence, and reasoning top my list. I have survived a few things that made jaws drop, but we are entering a violent period of history, and this seems less note-worthy in the grand scheme of things. If last Saturday is any indication, my friends think that I'm an exciting and knowledgeable teacher.
  • I would like to think that others would say that I'm caring, because I do care a lot about my friends and people close to me :) But likely they'll say I take pretty pictures haha.