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Old Movies

What's your favorite older movie? (For the purposes of this question, we'll define "older" as "more than 30 years since it was made.) How many times have you seen it, and why do you like it so much? How does the quality of current movies compare to movies of the past?

Answers (22)

  • Favorite movie from way back when? Gotta be the "Little Rascals" - black and white with the original cast. ... wait, that was more of a tv series/show, technically not a movie or film. Gee, then, the best one(s) left are by Shirley Temple; in particularly, HEIDI. How many times? Lost count. Why do I enjoy? The timelessness of the tale, and agelessness of Shirley Temple. Quality? Had a plot that didn't depend on unexplained explosions, a story that didn't need fights or arguments to propel it along, gave the audience time to breath, appreciate the acting (real emotions, not fake stuff), no CGI that looks out of place (or make it out-of-this-world), and overall made sense from beginning to end, no holes that need viewers to suspend their disbelieve, and absolutely none of that scientific/technical/medical jibber-jabber jargon that few outsiders follow/understand. In short: it was the director's leading, the cast's hard work, and writer's storyline,that made the movies lovable, without the need for computer graphics and media hype.
  • I love Laurel and Hardy movies. Watched 'Way Out West' today. Great.
  • The Bad Seed
  • I'm a Steve McQueen, James Dean and Robert Redford fan.. Ive seen all their movies many times.. They wore a sport jacket with sneakers and jeans and I still do to this day... Favorites were, "Rebel Without a Cause", "Spy Game" and "Bullitt". I still watch them today and own a Mustang,,,
  • This absolutely The Sound of Music for me. I watched it for times -don't really remember though- and i still love the storyline, so classic, and full of music. :3 lol
  • Desk Set; I've watched it probably 20 times. There's something really excellent about the Hepburn/Tracy chemistry that's even better than the Hepburn/Grant.
  • It's sobering to realize that "Star Wars" is one of the top answers for me, as that means it's more than 30 years old! "Forbidden Planet" would be another candidate.
  • I'm a huge fan of old horror movies. I've seen ''Le Manoir du Diable'', and I love ''Frankenstein'', ''Dracula'', ''The Hunchback of Notre Dame'', and so on. So yeah, I'm not kidding! These are a century old. I've seen some of these many a times, and I'm just so fascinated by it - something about old movies intrigues me. New horror movies just use cheap jump scare tricks and loud music and sounds. That's why I'm more into modern thrillers.
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