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What are your thoughts on the refugee crisis in Syria? Wherever it is that you live, do you want your city/state/country to take in refugees? Why or why not?

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  • This question is about to be over two days old. I'm still going to answer it because I feel very strongly about this issue. The issue is complicated and I'm not denying that. Every war is different from all the ones that have happened in the past and the Syrian civil war is no exemption. I believe that Germany did the right thing when they opened there boarders (that's what triggered this). I live in America, more specifically in one of the state's who's governors has tried to refuse the 10,000 plan that was recently approved. And I believe he is making the wrong choice. Also his authority does not override the ruling and his refusal isn't going to stop anything.
  • Last summer I volunteered to take a family, if church or other organizations found a suitable family. So far they've not reported one. But...after what happened in Paris, I can understand the foot-dragging. I'd be less concerned about **shudder quake YOUNG MEN** than about "one household at a time, vetted very very carefully." Some of these masses of young men claiming to be persecuted Syrian refugees may in fact be Syrians who are single, or whose families have already been killed by ISIS. On the other hand a lot of them have been investigated and found to be neither refugees nor even Syrians, and some of them, like the creeps in Paris...
  • My thoughts are as they always have been. The earth does not belong to us and we are supposed to share it and enjoy it equally. I make a temporary chicken-hearted exception for homes, but i feel than anyone ought to be able to go anywhere she or he wants to go. This includes animals, who were here first and have lost most of their space to humans. The arguments i hear should have no effect on me, and i intend that they will not. As i try to become more the person i would like to be, politics, economics, nationalism, and fear will have less and less effect on my opinions.
  • My state doesn't want to take in refugees, but honestly, we absolutely should take in as many as we can. They're not invaders or potential terrorists or whatever bullshit people wanna pull. They're escaping war, they're escaping the very thing so many accuse them of being (Daesh), they're abandoning they're livelihoods and entering countries that are outright hostile towards them. This is a no-brainer, of course we need to take in refugees, and the fact that we need to ask this in 2015 is just sad.
  • Canada is taking in 25,000 Syrian Refugees before Dec 31, 2015. The vetting process is ongoing. The Government supposedly has restricted the intake to women, children and families, thereby not inviting single young males. I understand that because of time constraints this will speed up the process. 6 weeks is not a long time to achieve this massive movement of human beings. The Armed Forces will be flying the refugees to our bases in Ontario and Quebec. Canadian Officials have been processing 600 refugees a week for the last 2 weeks already. Our Government is concentrating on those refugees who have been lingering in refugee camps in Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon. This will not stop other refugees from applying to Canada, but the time involved for processing will run into next year. Once the refugees arrive here they will be housed in army barracks until it has been decided where they will travel to to set up their new home. Private citizens in Canada have also applied to the Government to sponsor refugee families. They have fund raised money (a family of 5 requires 36K for one year). Developers have offered rent free units. The list goes on. I am proud to say that Canada once again is opening their arms.
  • Of course we should take in fucking refugees. What kind of fucking question is that?
  • The vast majority of people who follow Islam are not radicalized. In fact ISIS and it's ilk kill more Muslims than any other victims. The refugees fleeing are fleeing FROM this group. The "evidence" that the ones who committed the horrific mass murders in Paris is a fake Syrian passport found near one of the dead terrorists. Is it possible that some ISIS operatives might sneak in pretending to be a refugee? Of course. It is also possible that American born and raised people could be radicalized and already be here. It is possible that anyone could sneak in with nefarious purposes in mind. If we are to be a moral society we must weigh risks. We are already vetting refugees/immigrants. Nothing is fool-proof but the odds are in our favor. When did we become cowards? When did we check our better angels at the door and slam it shut because of a MAYBE that COULD hurt us? Prior to WWII thousands of Jewish people sought refuge in other parts of the world to stay alive. Most were turned away. Even the USA turned people back, people who died in camps (example see: http://www.ushmm.org/wlc/en/article.php?ModuleId=10005267). Their blood is on our hands. We should learn from our history. The right, the moral thing to do was to help those fleeing for their lives. The moral thing to do NOW is to help those fleeing for their lives. I would not only accept them in my State/City but in my own home. It is the right thing to do. As we turn them away it is EXACTLY what ISIS and their ilk want us to do. They recruit by telling the easily influenced that they are hated, they are rejected. That the world is against Islam and against them. When we make statements like Christie did that even 5 year old orphans should not be allowed in, or as some politicians have done to try to declare Islam to be not a religion at all and not have the protections built in our constitution for religious freedom, when we refuse to help those who are literally fleeing for their lives WE PROVE THEM RIGHT and we make new recruits. We worsen the situation.
  • Seriously, does anyone have any real moral justification for not helping these people? Oh I know the arguments "Yeah, but what about our own homeless/starving/etc." What about them? Last time I checked you weren't going out of your way to give them clothing and shelter. Their lives are important and we should help them too, but using them as an excuse to ignore the victims of something as extraordinary as an international civil war backed on every side by almost every major power in the world is ridiculous. Ignore the victims of international strife in favour of the victims of our general lack of empathy for the poverty stricken at home? Nah, you don't get to prioritize like that with any moral justification. As for the fear of terrorists, again not really a justification. Cruelty is a lot more likely to encourage terrorism than tolerance and compassion. , and in any case it's just not that difficult in this open world to commit terrorism...all you need is a fake passport, hatred and a weapon and you can kill and spread fear at a whim until someone takes you down. Sure it's a risk that some terrorists will sneak through, but considering the care our governments are taken it's not much higher than the risk of terrorism we face everyday...a risk that honestly is rather smaller than the ones we take anytime we get behind the wheel of a car, or go for walk in a major city, or get on an airplane, or stick our heads out the window on a stormy day. Paris was tragic, but Syria is much more so, and the people need help. What else does a good person, or a good nation do but reach out a hand?
  • Where I live the highways are thick with traffic. People are crashing and killing each other. Prices are outrageous for everything. We are overtaxed and running out of places to live. Someone is murdered everyday. There are homeless people everywhere. I don't know, what do you think?
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