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Cosplay ('costume play') is a popular pastime for many people -- dressing up as a favorite fictional character for different reasons (conventions, holidays, events). For those who partake, what's the best costume you've ever created or worn? What's the best one you've ever seen from someone else?

Answers (11)

  • The last time I dressed up in a costume, I was the alarm guy from Kentucky Fried Movie. That was probably around 15 years ago, though. http://youtu.be/2WgMLpKmNkg Starting about halfway through the video, that was what I was dressed as.
  • When it comes to actually making costumes and sewing, I am utterly hopeless. I have absolutely no patience at all. I love to put together things here and there-- but to actually make complicated costumes from scratch? Oh Gods. Perhaps one day I will? I've always loved dressing up. Believe it not, lol, I have never attended a convention, though. It is something I can't wait to do, and I hope that I will very soon. I'm hopefully getting Loki's costume for my birthday, so I'll be who I was born to be; ha hah. I want to make his prison outfit. =^u^= I need to re-dye my hair black so at least I'll have the Lokilocks -Nod- This is pretty old-- in my teens ;; I'm Bellatrix, of course ;; . . . and a creepy Zombie thing last year for Hallowe'en ;; I highly admire those that are talented in making costumes. I am friends with quite a lot of cosplayers on Facebook, and am constantly awe-struck by their talent. Elsa {I feel happy to have met her in person} and Fahr just to name. Both these cosplayers portray an incredible Loki. They deserve all the love they get -- check them out! ♥
  • Of my handful of costumes my best is most likely my Harley Quinn cosplay. I originally bought it for Halloween many years back but since have upgraded the jumpsuit and improved on my makeup, so now it's great! I also love portraying Harley Quinn as a character and interacting with other cosplayers. I still have yet to build her giant mallet, but I've made due with a prop gun.
  • Galvatron at Botcon '08! :DDD ...too lazy to dig up pictures. But I was fucking amazing.
  • So far my best costume would have to be the Big Bad Wolf, of Disney's "Three Little Pigs" cartoons. I've worn it for quite a few Halloweens and some conventions. The head is an old Don Post latex mask made in the early '90s (I plan to make my own mask for him soon.) One of the best I've seen so far would have to be a Piccolo (of Dragonball Z) cosplayer I saw at Anime Boston 2015.
  • Currently, I am working on Classic Robin. It is the most difficult one I have had to do since it is one of the best known and any mistake is immediately targeted. My first was assisting with Rose, and it got an award for best in show. Then I worked on Karkat, and maybe every incarnation of Dave. My finest was Baby Dave Sprite, because the wings I made were the star of the show. I've also helped with Link, Darkwing, Ace, Loofy, and others. I did not wear these things. They were for my daughter, and I am trying to teach her how to sew for herself! For me, best costume goes to a black-haired Thor. His homemade cosplay was a perfect rendition of the 1960s version of the comic book character. He also has the size and the musculature to carry the impression of the god of thunder! (I became a fan the year after the Thor comics started.) One of my daughter's friends earns real prizes for her excellence in cosplay. Her talents with the sewing machine have provided her with the income to turn her cosplay addiction into a career. Yes, my daughter needs to learn sewing.
  • Best I wore was either my Son Goku worn for AnimeEast in the Great Dragonball Skit, or Mr. Incredible, both made by our friend Claudia. Best I've ever seen from someone else? Jeez, that'd be REALLY hard to say. There's a LOT of competition now at ComicCons, with people that have spent months building picture-perfect costumes, like ones that duplicate Iron Man down to the lit-up eyes and so on. Best I ever PERSONALLY saw and knew how was built was the Saint Cloth of Andromeda Shun worn by a friend of mine; the armor was carefully built up from fiberglass using the machines in his father's car-restoration shop.
  • I would like to dress up as kwan-yin someday, preferably under the acknowledgement of some authority, like a temple or something. After all, she is a goddess and one shouldn’t mess with that status. Otherwise, I would very much like to dress up as her someday. :)
  • Cosplay is much fun! And i have seen so many epic cosplayers who are really talented, one of the most impressive cosplay i've seen is the girl who is dressing up as Lulu from game Final Fantasy X. She looks so close to the character Lulu.
  • I am an Earthman like yourself. I do not wear a costume.
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