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How do you do the majority of your shopping -- online or physical stores? If you split your shopping purchases between them, what do you tend to buy most in each location? What's one thing you wish you could order easily online that you can't?

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  • I guess I do most of my shopping in stores. I do work in a department store after all. I do shop online a lot too. I am always looking for the best price. I would say that I really wish it was easy to buy clothes online but it never it. Clothes is something that must be tried on before buying. I find I tend to buy books mostly online. They seem to be much cheaper than in bookstores. I buy a lot of makeup online to. I have pretty bad allergies and there are not many mineral brands I can use sold here. I think most of my makeup comes from America. I am a bit of a shopaholic, I am happy as long as I get a bargain.
  • Although I do the majority of my shopping online, I still believe that the better alternative is physical shopping, where I can actually see and check what I am buying before I buy it. One thing that I really really love buying is suits, tuxedos mainly, and as we know, you can't just buy stuff like clothes online, without customized fitting and all. Also, there have been many transaction scams on online shopping websites that created an obligation among users to have trust issues with them. So in my opinion, for stuff that is universally the same, and its specifics can be mentioned and viewed by the buyer can should be bought online, with the buyer knowing the risk of scams that have happened in the past. Apart from that, custom fit clothes must be bought from stores rather than online.
  • Physical. It's the only way to make sure the clothing fits properly. (plus, I don't always trust the online transactions ... way too easy to be hacked/sign up for spam mail). Plus, I get into the bad habit of browsing other sites when I'm online, and spend way more time than the allotted five or ten minutes looking at stuff I can't afford. Just easier to walk away in a physical store. One thing I would like to buy online ... the perfect Christmas Gift.
  • I never did online shopping, but I am willing to try. One of the famous online website here in the Philippines are Lazada and Zalora, there you can buy a lot of cool stuffs and have huge discounts. That's what I liked about online shopping, obviously, it's easy to choose and decide what to buy and you get huge discounts rather than physical stores, but sometimes online shopping can be boring because going to a store to buy something is way more fun, but going to a store to buy something can be lazy.
  • I bought a few things on line and it could get to be a habit..They make too easy.. That could be dangerous. Now if I can't find what I'm looking for in stores I will get it on line.. Not often though..
  • How do you do the majority of your shopping -- online or physical stores? I prefer to go to stores myself and shop. I will have what I buy right there and then. I like to be able to touch and know exactly what it is I'm purchasing. Clothes, for example. I like to try them on. Then. . I must go on-line to buy the items that I can't easily get in person. Mostly fandom-related stuff. Posters. Etc.. Most recently, I bought the most gorgeous Loki pendant. If you split your shopping purchases between them, what do you tend to buy most in each location? In person, I'll get my food, clothes, DVDs, books. . just anything I want, really. I'm a bit of a shopaholic. If I go out, I've got moneyz, and I see something that I like, I'll probably purchase it. On-line, I tend to just buy stuff that I can't easily get in person-- or whatever catches my eye on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Redbubble, etc.. I love Loki-related shit. The only time I'd really buy clothes on-line is if it's a fandom-related top I want. . . or a costume? Like, I really want Loki's costume, so I'll try to purchase that sometime. If only it weren't so damn expensive. . . Occasionally I'll buy a DVD or CD from Amazon. A lot of the bands I like, I can't easily find at the store, so I have to find their stuff on-line. . What's one thing you wish you could order easily online that you can't? Tom Hiddleston to be delivered to my room. JOKES.
  • I love shopping and because I get paid weekly, having a shopping addiction is extremely dangerous. Most of my physical shopping is for clothes, shoes and makeup. I love going to stores and checking out the product before I buy because it's going to be something that is going to get a lot of use out of. My online shopping would be accesories such as Make-up brushes or if I see something that I like in store and I've bought so much already, I'll decide to buy the product later but online; I do this often with my Yankee Candles. My answer to the third query is odd, because at the current time, anything that I want to buy is already available online, I think it would be better if the online description matched the store product.
  • Physical stores. There is nothing I wish to order easily online.
  • Since I live in an area that is annoyingly car-dependent and frustratingly low on public transport, I do a lot of shopping online. I always buy groceries in person because I prefer to choose my own produce, and I most often buy clothes in person. However, if I have bought an item of clothing in person and can get the same thing online when I need it again, I will buy online. The same with shoes. There are many shops about half an hour's walk away and that's fine if I'm not carrying too much back and the weather is good for walking, but many times it's just more convenient to shop online.
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