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Ice, Snow, & Cold -- Oh My!

Do you enjoy winter, or do you prefer other times of the year more? What outdoor winter activities (skiing, snowmobiling, ice fishing, etc) have you tried -- did you enjoy them, or did you come away from them thinking "never again"? Has your opinion of winter changed from when you were a kid?

Answers (24)

  • What is winter? Haha. Here, it means rainy season between April-May and September-November. But it isn't as different as summer (July-August), because it still rains but not so much. However when El Niño affects us, it doesn't rain so much and there are heat waves but when La Niña comes, there are disasters everywhere due to flooding. And as for snow, we can only see it if we go to the top of some snowy mountains (I don't think they are inhabited because of nature protection laws and some are melting...). -I prefer a cold season but in my city is just cool (and it rains more, of course). -I don't remember any specific activities related to "winter", because the activities done during those months are related to other stuff (religion, etc.). -I would like to live and experience seasons some day in future and would love to try the activities from each. -Yes, my opinion has changed because now I am more aware of these cycles but I still love rain. :)
  • Where I live, it is still unbearably hot even on the first of November. I'd really welcome some snow right about now.
  • I actually dread winter in the Northeast United States.. The bitter cold is painful and boring. Years ago I did all of the above and we had fun. Now going outside is something to do only on nice days. I live a "stone's throw" from the ocean and still walk on the beach on nice winter days. There is nothing else like that.. I occasionally meet people like me who do the same thing. We have a passing smile knowing we are the select few that do this.. A Parker, hand-warmers, and mittens are mandatory for this challenge... Its only me, the wind, the surf and gulls.. Peace and serenity is what its all about...The ocean sunsets are second to none...
  • Winter was fun for me as a kid but now I prefer if it didn't snow so damn much. After December it is boring and dull. Granted, it is insect-free during winter but there is nothing to do when you are out in the country stuck in a house full of people and I tend to get cabin fever after while. I also get depressed during winter. My opinion of winter has definitely changed over the years.
  • Winter is my favorite season. Camping and hunting in the snow is fun (not to mention insect free). I remember only as through a glass darkly the winters of my childhood. I remember being fascinated by the changes in landscapes and people which came with winters. Goodnight, Detective Suber. [Speadtle _ 5776:08.018]
  • ok
  • hmm,I'm a lazy writer... I enjoy outdoor activity... but uou know how it is to make time for those...
  • I am not a big fan of winter. I much prefer the milder seasons of spring and fall. I have balance isssues, so skiing and ice skating are not in my wheelhouse. Also, snow down pants = bad. I love winter landscapes, but I much prefer to view them from a window while I'm curled up in front of a cozy fire. Since I grew up in Hawaii and Arizona, my opinion of winters was pretty much "why do I need a sweater?" Now that I live in a state with an actual winter season it turned more towards "how many layers can I put on and still move like a normal person?" All in all, though, I'd rather be cold than hot. You can always add more layers, but there's only so much you can take off and still be seen in public.
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