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If you were going to ask someone to marry you, how would you do it (or how did you do it if you already have)? Would you plan a Big Special Thing to surprise them, or would you keep it simple?

Answers (17)

  • What is marriage? Do they still have the Bands of marriage.. I think more and more couples live together for a while to test their compatibility. I remember going to lots of weddings years ago. Now I don't know if they do that.. Me married why? I think that is the attitude today.. The mystery is gone... Why buy the cow when the milk is free?
  • While having a normal dinner, I would take a fork, stick in the vegetable, get down on one knee and ask- will you marry me?
  • A big wedding proposal is a big no-no for me. I'm being absolutely serious here. I don't like being the center of attention. If yu want to marry me, no need for an extravagant, ostentatious engagment party. In fact, I don't even want an engagement party. A simple "let's get married" whispered so lovingly and needily in my ear would do. It's perfect, even.
  • It would depend on the person. Some would enjoy a big spectacle while others would like a proposal that's more intimate. Me, personally? I would want something intimate.
  • Three years ago, I was planning to ask my girlfriend to marry me. We'd watched Gilmore Girls season one together. When Max asks her to marry him, Lorelei says that they can't get married just to stop an argument. That there should be a thousand yellow daises, and a horse, though she wasn't sure what the horse was doing there. When we watched the scene, my girlfriend said emphatically, "Exactly!" So I called around to the places no more than an hour's drive from our house that offered horseback rides by the hour. Did any of them have a daisy meadow nearby? In fact, one did. So my plan was to take her out for a ride, and get the guide to pause in the daisy meadow, and propose to her there. At the time, I figured the answer was certain to be yes. Of course, then she dumped me. So apparently, there was a signal somewhere I missed.
  • Depends on the personality of the person being asked. Some like a big production, and some get embarrassed easily and would prefer a private moment. Either way, if the answer is a resounding 'yes!', then the asking was a success!
  • Simple is best. Then, elope. It's less stressful that way.
  • I keep it simple..
  • The subject of our investigation asked woman to marry. He was very explicit, to the extent of providing a three and then a five year plan for the conception-birth of the three children. It was not a surprise. It was simple. The proposal generated five years of disaster. As I journey towards aged twenty-four years, I think of the Journals and interviews from this interlude of his life. Sometimes Livejournal Question of the Day prompts are..................
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