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Have you ever been addicted to anything? If so, what was it? If that addiction was a negative addiction for you, how did you break it (or how are you working on doing so)?

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  • I get addicted to things easily and they are not even conventional addictions. I was addicted to anime, tv shows, porn (that ones normal) and masturbation (again normal). I stopped watching anime and reading manga, because it's pretty much all I will ever do and if I'm interrupted I will blow up in your face, so that had to stop. I rarely watch actual tv now, just movies, and as for the porn I still watch it but with my partner. Masturbation is normal to me so that is not something I will break. And watching it with your partner is kinky and fun :)
  • I do not have an addictive personality. I am co-dependent instead. Basically, I borrowed someone else's addiction. (That's over, now.)
  • I have been addicted to everything I have tried. Purging, drinking, smoking cigarettes, weed, laxatives, sex, porn, masturbation. They were all destructive and I didn't ever think things would get so out of hand, but they did. I haven't made my health my biggest priority and for that reason, I have not tried to work on any of my issues. I am also afraid to change because this is all I know, all I am.
  • I used to smoke,but I'm not talking one or two ciggs at events, NO!! I mean 20 to 25 ciggs a day on my college days, not anymore thou. now it's coffee, I adore coffee
  • Does being addicted to fan-fiction and the internet count? My family considers it so - cause all I do after I get home is log onto my computer and spend the rest of my day frittering away the hours online, doing nothing productive. (God's the one who pointed out to me that I became addicted to the 'Net, and he's the one giving me the willpower to abstain ... or at least, do my chores and other necessary activities before turning on the computer. Would not be able to stop on my own: I have to ask for God's help daily on staying away.)
  • Chocolate, cakes and biscuits. I became lactose intolerant :-/
  • yup, i still am. I'm addicted to cigs. But a couple of years earlier, i was addicted to pills. I was the worst time of my life. It was getting worse and worse and worse. I also tried to drink my pain away. Now, i know addictions are just stupid opportunity to running away from our problems. But hey, darling, old habits are hard to let go of.
  • Yes I have .. Alcohol.. I stopped drinking it 38 years ago and haven't a drink since. We are all addicted to something and at times need a rude awakening to realize it. I stopped smoking 10 years ago. That is another addiction.. For years society has encouraged the young to drink and smoke because they say its fun but what they are trying to do is hook you so you will come back for more.. The legal drug dealers don't care because they say its your choice...All they want is your money... Millions of young people have died because of these people. However, Human lungs were meant to breath air not marijuana or cigarette smoke. Your Kidneys and Liver were not meant to process alcohol only water.. Now its Medical Marijuana, another addiction. Contrary to popular belief, to an addictive personally Marijuana is a stepping stone drug and will lead to the use of heavier drugs like prescription drugs, crack cocaine and heroin. Just because it has the word "Medical" does not mean your Grandson or Granddaughter won't use it. Sooner or later someone will give it to them. At that point its only be a matter of time. There is no “Cure” for the disease of Addiction. When you stop smoking, using drugs or drinking alcohol you cannot start again. If you do it will be like you never stopped and it will get worst. The fatal progression of the addiction disease never stops. Total abstinence for the rest of your life is the only way to survive. You live in a very dangerous world and no one cares about you...
  • I have an addictive personality. I get into something and if I’m really enjoying it, I become obsessive about it. There are two things I was scarily obsessed with. In junior year of high school I really got into roleplaying online (via AOL chats, Man I am old!) and I was so obsessed with it I would stay up until 3-4am and have to be up at 6am every day. It was really bad (I’m still shocked I got A’s and B’s in HS). I was obsessed with it for about four years until my brothers got me into video gaming. That is my second scary obsession. Pretty much all of my energy went into staying up all night, chatting with people in Ventrilo or Teamspeak and playing multiplayer shooter games. It was what I dreamed, breathed, and only thought about. It was really bad in those early years. I’ve gotten a lot better about managing my time as I’ve gotten older. Plus at the time it was all so ‘new and exciting’. Now when I feel myself getting that way, I force myself to shut down the computer and go for a walk or go hang out with family/friends. I make every effort to say “yes” when people ask to hang out (where before I always had some lame excuse why I couldn’t go out). I guess a little wisdom comes with getting old :D
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