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Let's do that again!

What's been the best decision you've made in your life so far? What's been the worst? Do you generally consider yourself a good or bad decision maker?

Answers (6)

  • There have been many and I have learned by my mistakes..
  • Every time I go back over my life and look at my worst decisions, I realize that I either did not have the physical or psychological ability to make a different choice at the time, or, even though it was obviously a bad decision, it led down a path that led to a situation I wouldn't give up, or most often, both. I SHOULD have gone to UMass Amherst, where I would have gotten a full scholarship, instead of Brandeis. But then I wouldn't have met my wife and most of my social group. I SHOULD have actually done my schoolwork at school, and not flunked out. But I was mentally ill and unaware of it at the time, and genuinely had no capacity to do so. And, it was the fact that Lis and I were both going through rough times, me flunking out, her dealing with the death of her grandfather, that had us start spending time together, and eventually dating, and eventually getting married. I no longer feel that I have the capacity to truly figure out what is a good decision or bad decision. I've given up on trying to figure out "good" and "bad", and just try to make my decisions based on "honorable" and "ethical". It's frankly easier to just decide to do the RIGHT thing, rather than the BEST thing.
  • What's the best decision I've made in my life so far? Marrying my husband. It was a very difficult decision: we had known each other all of five months (been dating for four of those) when my boss told me that the company would be moving across the country and that I was one of the five people chosen to move with it, if I wanted. I wanted to keep the job and I wanted to move to the area of the country we were going to, so I said yes immediately. I then told my then-boyfriend that I was moving and I was not going to pass up that opportunity, and he said, "Then let's get married." Three months later, we got married, and three days later, we started driving to our new life. That was nineteen years ago. It was very difficult to commit to such a thing - saying yes, I'll partner for the rest of my life with this person I've known for five months. But I have not regretted one day of it. Am I a good decision maker? Yes. I consider all of the relevant information details and make firm decisions. I don't waffle. Do all my decisions work out in my favor? Hell, no. Of course not.
  • Getting off facebook, and not going to the crappy state of California. Nevada was a better choice. What's been the worst? Getting on social media that was popular and trendy. I consider myself in between.
  • I make decisions. I am not afraid to make decisions. I often rush headlong into decisions. Sometimes, I have had to deal with the results of bad decisions, but many of my decisions have led to adventure and excitement. I like my life, and the decisions I've made define it.
  • Let me get back to you on that.