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And I will name him Sparky

Have you had any pets in your life? If so, do you migrate towards just one type of animal (just cats, etc), or have you had a menagerie over time? What's your best story about a pet you've had?

Answers (17)

  • Yep, cats, dogs, mice, gerbils, hamsters, fish, turtles, frogs, two turkeys and a couple birds we waited to "heal". I like dogs and cats best. Best story? Can't think of any at the moment.
  • Up until I was 11 I used to terrified of dogs and it wasn't until Christmas when I received a puppy as a present that I realized that dogs are awesome!! Lucky is amazing, he's just so cute and he's even got his own facial expressions and it's so funny. I now love, love, love dogs and can't wait to own a billion of my own. My friends have cats and they are cute when they purr but I'd prefer dogs.
  • I've had three. When I was born, my parents had a German Shepherd named Tristen. After she was put down, we didn't have a pet again for a few years, but we wound up getting a cat named Missy. After her, we got another cat named Riley. Best story...Riley's fur allows her to blend into the mulch around the house, which makes it easy for her to hunt. One day, she was able to snag a fully grown chipmunk. Thing is, she didn't kill it. Instead, she was able to bring it into the house! We all figured she wanted to play with it until she finally killed it, but we were able to (eventually) get the chipmunk out. Never a dull moment.
  • My very best cat story was how The Best Cat Ever motivated me to rededicate our home as a Cat Sanctuary in memory of her. Of course, one thing I'd loved about the Best Cat was that *she* made pets of different species--in addition to adopting kittens, she trained possums to come and go on cue (with food treats). I'd lived with other kinds of animals before, and have since. Even an occasional dog...though I admit I've never taken the time to bond with a dog. My home came with a resident snake who must be about as old as I am, and almost as long as I am tall. I've always assumed he's a "he" because progressively bigger skins have been shed near both a neighbor's house and mine, but snake eggs have only appeared near the neighbor's house. That's about all I know. Years go by when I don't actually see "our" snake. He gets along well with humans; we show respect by leaving each other strictly alone. Snakes aren't pets.
  • Yes I have... I'm a cat person but I have been known to have a dog or two in my life.. I had a bad experience with a cat I had for 9 years so after that I have been helping save wild animals and protecting them.. I've exposed people who hurt creatures and will pick up creatures from the road who have been hit by cars.. If I ever witness someone who does this I will expose your plate number and if possible your name, phone number and address to the world of the internet... Be careful and slow down for a confused creature because I could be watching and that is something you don't want...
  • I have always had a cat or two - not so keen on dogs as a rule. Stories? Oh, plenty.... Siouxie dragging a full-grown crow through the loo window and finding only the feathers and a very full cat. Gem as a kitten discovering a banana fritter wrapper from next door's bin and rolling all over it (I had to wash him in the sink - he wasn't amused). Gem and Tig fighting - she would want to play, he would want to hold her ears with his front paws, whilst battering her head with his back ones. Then there are my two furry comedians - Dill (who sleeps in front of the fan in the front room) and Timeshare, who has 'moved in' and who pats me with her paw like I am her pet human :-)
  • In all of my life, there have been only a very few periods of time when I did not have one or more cats. There were always cats in the house when I was growing up, though we had many die on us over the years for various reasons (illness, old age, accident, etc.). When I moved out and was living with Allison, we had Tequila, then when I was living with Katie, we had Tazendra and Morrigan. After Katie and I broke up, I adopted Sigmund and Hannah, but Sigmund bonded with my roommate more than with me, so he went with her when she moved out. I had Hannah for seven years, and then I adopted Sammie. Sammie is still with me, but she's 15 and definitely starting to feel it. She's got some arthritis in her hips and/or lower back, and she can get pretty cranky at times, but I love her still. I haven't decided whether I'll get another cat when Sammie passes on. But who knows? My days as a crazy cat dude may not yet be over.
  • Currently I have a little chihuahua named Ollie. I know those are supposed to be pretty yappy dogs, and he kind of is, but he's certainly more well-behaved than any other dog I've had. We keep him around to keep my grandma company.
  • My cat Tiger has been laying on top of the coffee pot that's warm for heat. I thought she was scared of something or sick. She laid there for days. Mom said it's the heat lol.
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