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They did what?!

Have you ever been betrayed by a friend? What happened (if you feel comfortable telling the story)? Did the friendship survive what happened, or was that the end of it?

Answers (14)

  • Yes. I had a best friend who constantly lied to me and used my name to lie to her family. The friendship didn't survive and to be honest I don't really think it was a a true friendship in the first place. Nearly three years later I'm happy that friendship ended
  • Actually, she's my enemy. I can't stand her "being mean". Oughh!! She bullies me like using people as her "back-up." She even made my bestfriend cry and hurt. Also me of course! Ough. Help please :(
  • Yeah!! As always.. What will I do?? :(
  • I seem to attract people who find me useful in some way - transportation, money, counseling help, etc. - until I don't have what they want anymore for some reason. Been kicked to the curb more times than I care to think about. After a particularly egregious incident, my counselor at the time asked me if I could ever trust the person again, after I'd said I'd forgiven them. I told her yes, I trust the person to be exactly who they revealed themself to be.
  • I've been betrayed by almost everyone. It hits hard when you actually trust someone for once in a long time. Then they go back and talk shit. Ruins every thing you worked hard on. Trust issues.
  • Yeah, I definitely have. My best friend bullied me for a year and a half, sending me threatening notes, humiliating me, and ultimately made me terrified to go anywhere in fear that she was going to come beat the crap out of me. We stopped talking for a year, and she stopped hanging out with the other girl Jordyn. And now we're best friends again. She's much much different now, like all that crap happened 3 years ago. But yeah.
  • I came out to my best friend when I was thirteen, prompting her to go and come out to the entire school despite being, as it later turned out, completely heterosexual. We remained friends, but really I struggle to trust her now and it was what started our slow growth apart, I think.
  • I have been in many relationships. Twice I have been a victim of a cheating girlfriend who thought the grass was greener on the other side of the fence. Years later the first one wrote to me with a story that I didn't believe. It seems in order to feel good about what she did, she made up a story that was a lie and here is the best part... She believed herself.. That guy she cheated with, drank himself to death. I didn't say anything.. The second one hurt the most but I forgave her and we are still friends. She is alone now but has lost her career job. She has huge issues.. I feel sorry for both of them..
  • Yes, I been betrayed, and sadly even after it happened, I still tried to fix the relationship. Of course I was a fool, and eventually I saw the writing on the wall and finally left it.
  • I made a hand made gift of a candle with decorations to match her kitchen for a friend awhile back. She put the gift under the table and never opened it! It broke my heart. I left our friendship after that.
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