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Do you enjoy traveling by airplane? Why or why not? What's the longest uninterrupted flight you've been on, and what did you do to pass the time?

Answers (23)

  • This year I’ve been on a more than a couple planes and I do enjoy traveling my airplane simply because it’s quick to get you to your destination when you are on a tight schedule. If I had all the time to vacation and travel then I would probably choose going by car because I enjoy road trips. But I do not mind airplane rides compared to people that can’t stand them, I’m pretty okay with them. I think the longest uninterrupted flight was probably from Ft. Myers (RSW) to California (SFO). I don't remember what I did specifically on that ride but usually to pass the time I watch a movie, talk to my flying party, and maybe take a nap as well. I usually do get pretty sleepy and sleep for a portion of almost every flight I’ve been on. Obviously it's not the most comfortable sleep but as long as I have my extra jackets to keep me warm I find a way! Time truly flies when you're unconscious.
  • I don't particularly enjoy traveling by anything but I enjoy getting to the destination which usually involves family and/or place of interest! So, travel by plane is the means to reach an end. I do however far prefer flying to driving myself somewhere. I just find I can do a lot more fun things to pass the time, watch movies, read books, watch movies (yes, this is what I mostly do), have someone else cook and feed me (although some times the food sucks), meet people from different parts of the world. The longest uninterrupted flight I took that I remember being on was from Rome to Singapore 13-14 hours! I was a young teenager and I did the rebellious thing of staying up and watching movies to pass the time!
  • Yes! but I never rode once :)
  • The longest flight was from JFK to either Frankfurt or Stockholm, not sure which was longer but they were pretty close. It was to visit family in Europe when I was a teenager. More recently, I flew NWK - LAX and back two years ago. The iPod kept me going for the trip, as well as seeing the Grand Canyon and the Great Plains from the air. The seat in front of me had a screen built in to it, with a GPS so I could see where the plane was on the map. (I was a little surprised, the plane clipped the southern tip of Canada on the way across the USA ).
  • Not particularly. I'm mildly claustrophobic and the seats are too close together for me to feel comfortable. I've actually had a couple of panic attacks on different flights before. I think the longest flight I've been on was Hawaii to Los Angeles and vice versa. I was six months old the first time, so I'm pretty sure I slept most of that one. The second time I was nine and I don't remember what I did. It was a long time ago. Nowadays, when I do have to fly, I read or watch a show on my tablet, loom knit if I'm feeling crafty, or talk to the hub.
  • I've never actually been on a plane before, but I'd like to try it out, at least once. Part of the issue for me is that I hardly get the chance to travel, so that puts a damper on my flight plans.
  • Personally, I enjoy flying. I like flying because I like that it brings me to a different place that I can explore, and it's a lot faster than driving. I'm not the biggest fan of long flights, but if I have something to keep me entertained, or if I can manage to sleep the entire time, then I'm pretty content. The longest flight I was on, was from L.A. to Shanghai and it was 14 hours long. Fortunately on the plane everyone had their own screen to listen to watch movies, tv shows, listen to music, etc, so I just kept myself entertained by watching movies. I also slept for a couple hours, because I was getting tired.
  • I'm terrified of flying. I don't get jet lag after a transatlantic flight so much as PTSD. A 13 hour flight for me is pretty much a 13 hour anxiety attack during which I can rarely sleep, movies and games don't distract me. So it's a testament to how much I want to see the world that I've subjected myself to this several times to get where I wanted to go. It's gotten slightly easier over the years with prescribed medication. None of them can knock me out because of how on edge I am (and there's no comfortable position anyway), so I just sit there groggily counting down the minutes. I very much look forward to the invention of teletransportation.
  • I love to fly - and to travel in general. The longest I've ever been in the air was a 12 hour flight from Greece to Atlanta. That was actually the least relaxing flight I've ever taken. I had spent the afternoon before on the beach and had burnt to a crisp! I got home and discovered I had blistered my back from my time in the sun. Needless to say that was an uncomfortable flight. Mostly on long flights I like to read and write. I always take a real notebook with me when I travel so I have something to do when I have odd bits of down time. It happens surprisingly often and the notebooks end up being one part scrap-book, one part diary, and one part writing journal. Plus you never know when you'll need a scrap bit of paper. Best travel companion ever.
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