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Writer's Block


Who do you care about most in your life?

Answers (209)

  • My dogs.
  • There’s one special person in my life that I really care about. That incredible person is my wonderful boyfriend of almost a year, Sean “Mixingk” Keffer. His love for me is unconditional—no matter what obstacles either one of us just happens to be enduring throughout our challenging lives. Little by little, I’m learning more about him than I knew. Via facebook, his stepdad posted a picture of when he was little—1984, probably. In the picture, he’s with his stepbrother, and they’re cradling a football between them. Through this picture, I feel like I’ve actually known Sean longer than just under a year. I feel like I can connect with him with the experience he had at that time. I can relate to it, as my younger brother also would carry a basketball in the house. One time, he actualy attempted to play baseball in my parents’ bedroom when we lived in an apartment.

  • The previous answer to this question was a joke.

    The thing i care about most in my life is the colors and feelings

  • About simple people as so the Lord bequeathed!
  • well i care about my dog bella cuz she has a diseas so i really got to make it last......................................
  • Honestly, I would have to say more than one person.
    Which, those persons would be Devin Sanchez, Cody, Melissa, Casey, Elisabeth, Michael, Chase...
    I mean, seriously.
    I always think that Michael will die every other minute.
    Melissa is just so fragile.
    Casey's a dick, therefore, he'll get the shit beat outta.
    Elisabeth, just an emotional thing.
    Chase, he's just fucking stupid and is fucking clueless in life.(Although, aren't we all?)
    Cody, since he gives a shit about me.
    Devin... what can I say?  He's stupid as hell and never cares what he does...
    I love you, friends.
  • i care about many people in my life, 
    but i have to say i'm soo scared of losing
    my brother. i think it's because i think that
    when my parents are gone i know he is going
     to be all i will have. i mean i know i'll have cousins
    and aunts and uncles but nothing like him<3 he means
    everthing we have our fights but i still care about him incre-
    dibly more then u see.

  • It would be writing stories, my friends, my family and God. IF someone hurts my friends or family they will get hurt in returned! Insulting my family, friends or God is a big NO NO, I can give a second but only if the insult is small. Writing stories is my life.

    I have two original characters, Julie (Ju or Jules) Maree and Chantilly (Chan, Tilly or Cha) Serenity. No one is allow to use Julie or Chantilly without my premission.
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