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If your partner asked you to sign a prenuptial agreement, would you do it? What things do you feel are reasonable to be in such an agreement? What would be a deal-breaker that you wouldn't ever sign?

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  • Marriage is supposed to be for the rest of the couple's lives. (In reality, it doesn't always work.) Being asked to sign a prenuptial agreement would say that the person believes the marriage would end in divorce. If that's the case, why get married at all? So, no I wouldn't sign a prenuptial agreement.
  • heck no, bro.
  • I think the financial contract of marriage is very important, even though it's a downer when people are high on romance. That's where parents traditionally came in...and we're down to one (my mother). Maybe it's easier to think about this after age 50: you may succeed in staying together until death does you part--but it will.
  • Considering everything I have with my husband we gained together, no, I wouldn't have done it. We've started from zero more than once together, wouldn't have made it this far if not together, and God forbid the day came where we'd have to split, the partner wanting to leave would just go and start their own life. We have too much invested, not to mention kids that deserve everything their parents achieved for them! But...my husband and I have loved each other every year we've been together--if not more today than back when. We've been through a whole hell of a lot and we know how to handle conflicts like pros.
  • I would not. For all the concerns people have over 'what is mine', perhaps marriage is not for you. This is essentially betting against yourself that the marriage will fail, and rather than work out the issues, it's easier to cut and run. Maybe you're entering marriage for some benefit I can give you, but you want the option to run later. It speaks of fear, possible dishonesty. Relationships are built because we take chances. We estimate the risk and assume that the other person is worth the investment. If you want a prenup, just have a FWB arrangement instead because you really don't want marriage. The basic tenet of marriage--the very definition--means to merge two (or more--just sayin') elements. If you are unwilling or unable to make a sound judgement that another person is truly someone that you love, respect, and can see a lifetime together with--don't get a prenup, don't get married. All these "What's mine is mine" answers are people I would never even consider marriage material. Not saying you're wrong, but you are simply too selfish and too risk averse to making life-altering choices. And again, that's not a bad thing, that's just who you are. I wouldn't trust my cat to watch my daughters' gerbil (which, incidentally, could have ended a lot worse if we did not hear the ruckus from our office). It is who you are. Me? The red line means that you have to be willing to trust me, love me unconditionally. And if you can't risk a lifetime of happiness, why would you even bother with marriage in the first place? Just stay with the one you're with and move on when the seasons change; you are not worth my investment if you choose to allow fear to rule your heart.
  • Well, yeah I would. I don't wany ANYTHING of mine taken. What would be reasonable? Only things we had together, such as a book, or a movie. What would be a deal breaker? EVERYTHING ELSE.
  • Yeah I would, since I would hope that he/she would sign it also if I asked. I do not think it is a test of one's love if I ask, but to protect myself and/or he/she, encase things go south. I can see some people being insulted by that notion, but also, marriages are not 100% set in a Disney world, and things sometimes can fall apart.
  • Marriage has become much too legally complicated. Millennia of cultural pressures have changed it drastically. If I were young, I would marry in secret and never tell the government, so no prenup. The penalties of marriage outweigh the benefits.
  • This agreement sounds like it was thought of by a Lawyer? Wasn't it around the time we started locking doors and not trusting our neighbors? I cannot imagine a relationship being built on this type of beginning. Take a good long look around you at what has happened to us since.
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