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You're Grammer Is Bad

Do you generally point out the mistakes people make, or do you quietly let it go? What's one mistake people make that drives you crazy?

Answers (32)

  • This is one of my biggest pet peeve, not those who make it by mistake but who just writes it like that on purpose, like it's their style of writing. I don't point out and just let it go quietly cause some people find it rude. I, on the other hand, don't mind if anyone ever point out that for me, in fact, I'll be thankful for correcting it out. English is not my first language so I make mistakes some times. I have only one friend who corrects me when there's wrong =) The one thing that drives me crazy is when people use numbers or just a letter as words. Ugh! Makes me so mad!
  • I don't like to point out mistakes because I would just feel rude if I did. As long as I can still get enjoy the story, I'm okay. But other than bad spelling, the thing that jumps out most to me lately is not using the comma when addressing someone. e.g. "I see what you mean Lois." vs. "I see what you mean, Lois." or "Chloe you look really hot in that dress." vs. "Chloe, you look really hot in that dress." I see that all the time, and I just want to grab a red pen.
  • I've found that even very infrequent spelling or grammar corrections get me marked as a grammar nazi. If they only knew how often i let it slide, out of the realization that it's futile with most people. However, if someone is being incoherent, they're asking for it. ☺
  • I used to do that pretty often, but it really is rude unless someone actually WANTS you to, which they generally don't. It's probably at least partially an Asperger's thing, in that I didn't really realize I was hurting other people's feelings. I still often cringe inwardly at obvious mistakes, though.
  • Language was made for people, not people for language (apology for the near plagarism). Does the grammar mistake reach the level that it distorts the intent of the communication? If not, why bother.
  • well it depends, if I dislike a person then I'll point it out (e.g. in an argument) but otherwise I couldn't care less
  • Quietly let it go.
  • It bothers me when people point out small grammar mistakes in online forums and in comments on social media. I'm all for proper grammar, but most forums on the Internet are pretty casual and are not being graded by a teacher. How much of a grammar nazi do you have to be to point out such simple typos in an otherwise intelligent post? The only times I'm bothered by bad grammar in a post or comment is when the entire comment/post is riddled with poor grammar and spelling. But if the only mistake is the use of "your" instead of "you're" then I let it slide. People who act as a grammar moderator (to put it nicely) just really need to let it go. No one died and made you the grammar king/queen. Seriously. There are more worrisome things in the world to worry about than occasional grammar mistakes. Also, the only time I get driven crazy by grammar mistakes is when people refuse to even try to write using proper grammar. I generally ignore comments and posts from such people.
  • My biggest pet peeve is when people mix up your and you're. I especially often discover this grammar mistake in texts written by people who come from the USA. What is wrong with the education system there on the other side of the big pond aka the Atlantic Ocean? Why don't they learn such simple things at School? When I accidentally mutilate the beautiful English language with grammar and spelling errors I at least have the excuse that English is a foreign language for me.
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