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If you could take a two-week vacation right now without having to worry about the details of making it work (money, vacation time, etc all taken care of), where would you go? Who would you bring with you, if anyone, and who would you want to make sure you went without?

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  • Where? Paris, France. I just want to feel the Parisian lifestyle. No rushing. Just some coffee and croissant and a newspaper. And a bike too! It would such be a therapy for my eyes seeing those picturesque places. Right now, I'm imagining my life there with Lenka's song, The Show playing on the background. Hayy. :) I also consider Canada or New Zealand. But my best bet would be Switzerland. It's my childhood dream living there. I like how Heidi (from the classic book/show with the same name) lives. Swiss alps and fresh milks. Ahhh! Other choice? Japan province. Won't it be cool living in a traditional house with old bath tubs? I like something laid-back. Something that gives me peace of mind. No pressure. I don't really know who will be with me. One thing for sure, i will go there! Hihi.
  • I would LOVE to go to Cancun. If all goes well me and my boyfriend will be going this christmas, if not definitely by this summer. That would be ideal! (Fingers crossed!) I would only make it a trip for me and my boyfriend because he's my bestfriend and my partner in crime.
  • I'd bring my parents with me to Alaska to watch the Aurora Borealis. If my older sister and her fiancee would like to join us, I'd definitely have their stuff paid for too. After being in Alaska for a few days, I'd spend the remainder of my vacation traveling to Germany, France, and Spain would be on that list if possible. (But damn, I'd want like 3 months - not two weeks!) I'd pay for my immediate family to go with me too. But we would all have designated "together schedules" separate from "independent exploring time" schedules. We would probably have someone pre-plan and paid to do this for us. Now, I almost said I would invite my best friends (Ron and Sean) to this. But it's more complicated and convoluted of an adventure when you see it through multiple people's eyes. I'd want to experience things first-hand and on my own. To me, that would be the best way to go about it. Inviting my family would be a gift and courtesy because they deserve a vacation to see the world too. Like no lie.
  • A man in a full black suit and blue tie walks up to her and hands over a black card with silver letters and numbers. "I know this is abrupt but, someone told me to give you this." The same man bows and hist blue tie is hidden by his head. Before she utters a single word he continues, "Instructions were to tell you that there is a car to your disposal and no need to return it in two weeks starting at midnight tonight." He rubs out a paper from his coat pocket continuing, "They also said no to worry how much you spend within these two weeks but to do as you please. Now I will excuse myself." He bows handing over the same sheet he had read off of along with the black cars keys and turned to walk away. Her hand was trembling of nerves, but some sheer bit of happiness. She looked around her and in the direction the man went but no one was watching her or paying any mind to her. Rummaging in her messenger bag she found her cell then began calling the first person she wanted to share the news with. Dialing the numbers out of memory and waiting for the phone to ring. "Uh-Hello..." was the first thing that she heard from the other end. "Hey Kou, I need you to wake up. LIke-" her arms started flailing around nervously, "right, right." she could hear his shifting around on his pull our bed from the couch. "Ok-o..okay, I am up." he yawned. "I really hope you're awake, I need you to search up for hotels close by your home I will be arriving within a-" she stopped to think "..ya, a day." She looked at the keys knowing this is what she wanted. She wanted to meet the one person that was helping her stay alive every waking moment, and accepted her for who she was and what she did. "Wait what!?" Kou began being more alert moving around even more. "You can't be serious you're coming over Agii?" "Yes I am serious I will call you once I get half ways." She hung up after a quick exchange of 'love you's' and other instructions. Her bleached hair was quickly pinned up and set in a bun while she swung into the front seat gasping for the installed GPS. She pressed the 'start engine button' and the car began faster than her personal laptop in her bag. Then the next thing she heard was a soothing male voice, "I am happy to see you choose to use me today. May I help you with your destination?" She gasped and whispered, "U-uum directions to 1**7 M****l O***z Ave. M****n, TX, 7**7*." The male voice replied, "Setting your directions up." Once again confirming the address it was setting the directions for. She nodded, her whole bun bouncing as she did. "Oh, yes I confirm." It struck her that the voice would not be able to see her agreeing. She began her way and contacted one more person, just so they would not worry about buying food for her those two weeks. -Usagi Sorry for the '*' I couldn't talk about too much where I would go but a destination is what was wanted to Mission, TX is all anyone needs to know. I would go alone as Agii did, and contacted only two people before leaving town.
  • [1] Mars [2] Jesus [3} Detective Suber
  • i' ll probably go to one of those warm place where you can spend a lot of money like hawaii or something like that and I would bring along my mother...l he always wanted to visit Hawaii
  • I'd definitely go in Finland to see the aurora and to stroll around... enjoy the place and probably make new friends. I'll isolate myself on the first week of our stay and on the second, I'd explore the place further with my closest friendssssss, Haha. We're like a squad so I think it'll be fun. xD
  • I will travel around England to see the old village, historical places, and so much more. I also will bring my family to accompany me. The only thing i won't take is the gadget. I would feel really free and could enjoy my vacation without being disturb by noisy gadgets sound
  • I'd go to New Zealand. My boyfriend is a kiwi and hasn't seen his folks in a while. I would take him, obviously. After visiting his parents, I'd drag him around all the touristy spots, the mountains and anywhere connected with Lord of The Rings. I'd be leaving behind my old nemesis Mr Black (my depression) so that our holiday isn't marred by my illness
  • Since it is the end of July, I would choose to spend the next two weeks in Southeast Alaska. Salmon are running. The bears are hanging out near the water as they convert their diets from land to sea. Temps are warm. It's still light for a majority of each twenty-four hour unit, but getting darker daily. Recently, I learned about work-camping. If I could buy a decent truck to go with the camper I want, I'd do it. When I looked at the website, the first job on the list was near Skagway, Alaska. The second was in Big Bend National Park. Another was in Maine. The jobs themselves were mundane and less important than the location or the lifestyle. I would love to do this. Essentially, I would spend two weeks or six months at an RV park working in exchange for room and board and gas money. What a life! After the job in Alaska, the next two weeks could be in the Yukon, and two weeks after that, the Cascades, and two weeks after that, Yellowstone, and two weeks after that Rocky Mountain National Park, and two weeks after that ... and on and on and on.
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