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Can't Put It Down Fast Enough

How bad does a book have to be for you to stop reading, or do you always plow through no matter what? What are some examples of books you stopped reading, or forced yourself to keep reading until the end? What made these books so horrible?

Answers (19)

  • Anything that seems to be dragging itself on or using the same story line over and over. As much as I love her, L.J Smith's book 'The Forbidden Game' was so dragging on and got really boring to me so I still haven't finished that one. Also Im only like 4-5 books into the House of Night series, they were really good but I just felt like it was too much trouble to kill the villains, and just overall dragged on and boring.
  • I feel that with autobiographies people have something to say and that I could learn something from their experience(s) so I try to read through their books if I was interested enough to pick it up in the first place. That said, I had to force myself to read Dennis Rodman's book. It was so whiny and 'alas poor, poor, poor me.' I could only read it in 10-15 minute bits. I had dial-up at the time and so I would that book during "quick" video/gif downloads. Wish I had the gumption to not read that book and just toss it. Yes, toss it because I wouldn't want anyone else to suffer through his whining reading it.
  • Twilight or 50 shades bad, for the first I read one page and felt like throwing up. form the second I read the first chapter and went through few pages randomly and it ended up in the bin. Song of fire and Ice... is heavy, is boring but once you take the rhythm you can almost enjoy it, the series is So much better.
  • One rule for me: How long does it take me to get through the first chapter or two. I tried this one series (it eludes me right now) that my husband loved and thought I'd like. I've read and reread the first chapter a million times and I can't get through it. It's too long and there's nothing to interest me. I like fantasy/sci-fi/fiction books and this seemed something I'd enjoy. But, no matter what, it seems like there's nothing grabbing my interest.
  • I'll give it a try for a few days but if I don't like it, I don't like it
  • If a book bores me, I'll stop reading it. If it's just plain bad, I may hate-read it to the end just to see if anyone gets their comeuppance. "Confessions of a Shopaholic" was one of those books for me. I picked it up in Japan because it looked the most interesting of the very limited options I was presented with, and immediately started loathing the idiot protagonist. Hated it, but finished it. Can't say the same about some critically-acclaimed books that bored me.
  • Well, I stopped reading a book because it was so damn dry... dry reads are hard for me to finish.
  • i somehow always plow through!!! till the bitter or not so bitter end! the worst book, that i really really wanted to be over was... and yes shame on me for that "The Lord of the Rings the Fellowship of the Ring" because: Landscape descriptions! they just dont go on for pages and pages to no end- they go on for chapters and chapters and chapters and really i hate that (i adore all the following books through because he was an awesome author) i had the same problem with "Lord of the Flies"- because half of the book is a description of the island- each big stone has it's own bloody description! i also had trouble with Umberto Eco's: "The Island of the Day Before" but it became interesting more than halfway through that is my go to book- when i defend why i read each and every sentence in each and every book i start- because if you lay it down to soon, you may miss out something incredible...(LotR proves that too- i adore book 2 to pieces!)
  • I have given up on numerous books because of weak writing. My normal habit is to read before I go to bed and if it's a good book, I will make time to read it, but if I find myself laying down and not picking up the book, even if I am not tired, that is a sign to me that the book is not something I want to continue.
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