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Name something you consider to be completely unforgivable, no matter what the circumstances. Why is it so egregious to you? What should happen to someone who does it?

Answers (18)

  • The most violent and vile of crimes are unforgivable -- murder (not justifiable homicide, murder), rape, child sexual abuse. The only exception in my mind is if the actor is of diminished mental capacity and can't understand right from wrong. But if the person is in full capacity of their reasoning and do these things, they can't be fully forgiven for doing these things. On a personal level, the only act I'd not forgive against me, beyond the above, would be a person lying to manipulate me to do something that goes against my values. Doing this to a person that is very close to me is unforgivable as well. In Second Life, there are only two times I've utterly removed a close person from my life. The more serious one was this little twit that was coming between me and Sassy, lying to us both in order to get what she wanted. When I found out what she was doing I kicked her off my friend list, muted her, and banned her from every piece of land I owned. It took me a year or so before I'd even talk about her again. The less serious one was with a friend who decided she didn't like a joke I told. She suddenly left a paragraph of invective text of how "horrible" I was, that she was leaving our little gathering that day, and she was going to "re-evaluate" our friendship. Then she poofed off and logged out of SL instantly, before any of us could respond to her invective. I was so incensed that I did the same to her -- unfriend, mute and ban -- with a final IM to her saying "If you challenge me in public and then disappear before I can answer, you are a coward and lack the courage of your convictions. So let me help you by simply removing any connection we have between us. That should make it easy." That, however, was not unforgivable. Had she sent me a notecard with apology I would have talked to her again. But she didn't, and we never spoke again.
  • Violence. Simply because it hurts.
  • When people lie about what they think of someone. Especially when it's saying they like someone they actually dislike. Just to clarify, I'm not referring to those who treat someone politely despite disliking them, I'm talking about those who act as if they genuinely liked or cared for someone they actually don't like. There can't be any good reason for this, they mostly do it when they want to take advantage of that person... Has happened to me so many times that whenever people say they like me I can't believe it anymore xD (even when I don't think they have any reason to lie about it). As for people who do it... well, sooner or later everything comes to light. They won't get away with being hypocrites forever.
  • Animal abuse is pretty high up there with me. To harm something so innocent just baffles me. Of course, I'm not quick to forgive on much of anything. Or, at least I say I have forgiven, but for some reason I always remember and tend to hold it against that person. Definitely something I need to work on.
  • Disrespecting women should be completely unforgivable. This includes molesting and even as far as rape. This is egregious because, as such crimes are acted upon in the world today, women are being pulled back from the outside world for "protection" and hence missing out on the actual life. I come from a country where if a girl is molested and complains about it, she is asked to "let it go" because it can cause a ruckus among them. According to me, to someone who does it, a severe punishment should be given(which i shall not specify). i hope my views will be agreed upon!
  • Child abuse, rape and animal cruelty. Most animal abusers end up abusing people and it's just sick. I'm not saying murder because it depends on the circumstances. If you are defending yourself, your child, a loved or anyone for that matter, you have a right to defend with deadly force because it's either you or your attacker and it's better if the bad guy is dead. One less scum bag on the earth.
  • Infidelity by a partner. Betrayal of any sort.
  • Un-forgiveness is the decision of G~d I added the COUNT upon edit Athronges COUNT=222 C4DF
  • Animal cruelty and child abuse. Never an excuse for either.
  • Something I could never forgive? That's a real challenge. I honestly don't think there's anything that's unforgivable to me, unless I just haven't reached my limits yet. The way I see it is like this: If you never forgive, you'll never be happy. You'll spend all of your time hold on to your pain, sadness, and anger. You won't be able to ever be happy with your life if you can't let go of what made you unhappy. There was once a point in my life where I spent a really long time dwelling on what people did that hurt me or made me feel betrayed. But, now I can't even will myself to just stay mad. There's a difference in forgiving and forgetting. I'll always forgive someone for what they did. Even if it takes me a while to, I will. But I don't think I can will myself to just necessarily forget everything. The point of not forgetting is to keep yourself from making a mistake twice. Until I can trust a person again, I'd never consider myself to be as close to them as I was before they betrayed me. So forgive always. But, don't always forget.
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