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K-Pop/Rock or J-Pop/Rock?

Do you like K-Pop and/or J-Pop music? Who are your favorite artist(s) from these genres and what's your favorite song?

Answers (29)

  • Gackt Camui and malice miser all songs from the both of them
  • J-Rock and my fav artists would always be SuG ( my ultimate one), the Gazette, DIAURA,Mejibray etc. My fav song....Ahhh BLACK :3 but I actually have so manyyyyy xD
  • J-pop/J-rock all the way! :D Let's see... My favorite group atm is Arashi, obviously *points at Sakurai Sho icon* (and out of their songs my favorites are Troublemaker, All or Nothing Ver.1.02, and sometimes Boku ga boku no subete :P). Aside from other Johnny's groups (Hey! Say! JUMP, Kanjani8, V6, TOKIO, Johhny's WEST and NEWS -including Tegomass), I like WaT (even if they're not active anymore, although they announced they'll come back this year?), Wada Kouji (the dude who sings all Digimon songs xD), ORANGE RANGE, Porno Graffitti, Asian Kung Fu Generation, Otsuka Ai (one of the very few japanese female singers I can listen to without hurting my ears...), and lately I've been listening to SEKAI NO OWARI. Out of those, hmm... I'd say my top three songs are Sayonara (ORANGE RANGE), Kimi dake (Koike Teppei from WaT), and Jyobairo (Porno Graffitti). As for K-pop... I don't know, I just don't like it as much :/ I like Jang Keun Suk's singing (I downloaded all the songs from one of his dramas haha), also Milk Tea (the girl's voice is soooo soothing... it's so hard to find female singers I can listen to!), and there was one time I downloaded a couple of songs from SS501. ...Ah, and that song by SHINee called Sherlock! It's the most hilarious thing in the world xDDDD I speak Spanish, so when I heard that line that sounds like "SOY UN DORITO" ("I'm a dorito") I couldn't stop laughing :P Yup, basically that xD
  • yes! Kpop/Rock/Hiphop/Rap/... Jpop/Rock-Visual key
  • Oh man, both. Big Bang, Daichi Miura, Perfume, 8Eight, Kumi, B1A4 uhhhh I've so many but I can't recall right now haha. I only follow a few artists closely though.
  • I prefer J-Rock over K-Rock. J-Rock: One Ok Rock , Siam Shade , Spitz , Asian Kung Fu Generation and so on... For J-Pop I like some songs but not a huge fan of it except for Tohoshinki (wich is my favorite group), and they are korean so in Korea they do K-Pop and are known as TVXQ. For K-pop I also like JYJ, Shinhwa and Bigbang :)
  • Love both J-pop and K-pop. Big fan of groups from Johnny's Entertainment like Johnny's WEST and my favorite song from them would be Zundoko Paradise. It's too addicting and a fun song to listen. In K-pop, Big Bang is the best overall. They are the reason why I love k-pop. I can't pick a favorite song because I love them all it would be too difficult.
  • K-Pop: -Shinhwa (Brand New) -Big Bang (Lies) -2NE1 ( I am the Best) -H.O.T (I Yah!)
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