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Party Time!

Do you enjoy getting dressed up for a night out? What are your favorite places for a "night on the town"?

Answers (10)

  • I do like getting dressed up once in awhile. I don't have a favorite place to go, but I loved seeing local bands when I lived in CT.
  • No, no, no! I am not one to get dressed up, other than during the occasional manic day where I'll get dressed up because "It's an amazing day and I feel amazing and I wanted to look pretty!!!" But ordinarily, no, I don't enjoy dressing up at all. As far as a "night on the town," I'm a homebody to the extreme, so that doesn't really happen. Very occasionally I have one friend who I'll go to the bar with, but that's not usually a night on the town so much as drowning our sorrows. My idea of a party is much less going out, much more Netflix and ice cream with my cats. I can see how that might sound depressing to some people, but eff that, it sounds relaxing and amazing to me.
  • No, no, no! I am probably the biggest homebody that I know. I don't enjoy getting dressed up for any occasion, other than on my occasional manic day, when I'll sometimes get dressed up for no particular reason other than "it's a fabulous day and I feel fabulous and I wanted to be pretty today!!!!" A "night on the town" is something that doesn't happen for me. Very occasionally I will spend a low key night at a low key bar with my best friend. By "very occasionally," I mean a few times a year, usually when we have intentions of drowning our sorrows, not so much a night on the town. I'm not a party person. My cats and I party with Netflix at home. Part of me can see how that might sound sad, but eff that, I love being comfortable at home and you can't shame me for that.
  • I love getting ready for a night out, have a glass of wine, some music, even play a quick drinking game. I'm from Belfast, Northern Ireland and I love places like The Fly where they serve cocktails all night and Limelight is good is when you want a dance, they play a variety of music!!
  • I do...kinda. We're not fancy people and we're not party people. Also, we don't really like being around other people. But, we do enjoy concerts and theater and baseball. With the exception of going to the theater, I don't really dress up, and even then it's not long gowns and pearls. My idea of dressing up anymore is actually putting on makeup and blow-drying my hair. Sometimes donning a dress, but more often than not it's my best jeans and a cute/sexy shirt. Comfort, stylish comfort, is more important. So yeah, we do a few plays, some concerts, and the occasional baseball game. We go to the movies, but that's generally the first matinee of the day. Every now and then we'll hit up a Burlesque show. I hope to eventually talk the hub into seeing a Drag show. Wild and crazy...that's not really us. :)
  • Sure I do, but it depends on what it is that I am doing. As far as my favorite places, some places that I had a good experience in are places I frequent. Thank you for meetup. It gives people who can't find a place to go to, it gives us a chance to meet people. I sually wear, if it is bowling, a t-shirt and sweat pants, or dancing, a formal shirt and pants. It depends on the occasion.
  • I don't really go anywhere at night to speak of. At least, not for fun. Maybe if I really needed cold medication.
  • Hells yes! You may not know this about me but I love dress-up and clean up very nicely and prefer dresses over pants. The best place to go out is the opera. Yeah, that sounds bougie, but have you been to the opera lately? You can wear ripped jeans or be a 70-year-old lady in a lime-green microdress and no one will even blink.
  • This is a little sad, but the only time we really get dressed up for a night out anymore is formal night when we cruise. Because it is vacation, yes, it's fun and I love seeing The Big Guy in his tux. Favorite places for a night out depends upon what we are after - a quiet night of conversation, good food and great wine - probably Lincoln Cellars, Pietro's, or Taste. For incredible food, but a higher volume, there are many places, but we like Dave Wong's, Cocoro, Breadfruit Tree, Siamese Place, and so on. It all depends upon what sort of cuisine we want that night.
  • If I knew of such a place, I might actually not spend seven nights per week at home with the computer and telly. :p