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That One Time At Band Camp

If you could go back to any time of your life, when would it be? What made that time so special to you?

Answers (20)

  • Thank you, LJ, but the involuntary stroll down Memory Lane has been positively nauseating.
  • I loved any time I went camping as a child. Any outdoorsy trip. Now, I go camping, but it's really just a grassy lot with some foliage. There's nowhere to explore. I think it's the exploration that makes it. I miss the days of dutch ovens and leafy gullies. Maybe I need to get out of the urban environment more often. Maybe I'm more outdoorsy than I let on (even to myself). I do love canoeing, and maybe I should take up hiking. Awesome prompt to get me thinking of how I should spend recreation time.
  • I'm going to say anytime before I had to start working. When I was a kid.
  • I would go back to when I was 13, before my best friend was still alive, and change everything so he could still be around.
  • I'd go back to my mother's belly; it was really cozy in there.
  • This thing just deleted what I had typed. Hate you xD There's a specific day actually. It was almost nine years ago (can't believe time has gone so fast xD). I met two people that day. You know, somehow most decisions I've made, the people I've met and random events of my life since that day wouldn't have been the same if I hadn't met them. It's strange when you analyze how much impact a single person (or two) can have in your life, directly or indirectly. The thing is... I CAN'T REMEMBER THAT DAY!!! D: I remember a drawing, two little boys peeking over my shoulder (okay, that's not fair, we only have one year of difference xD), my friend drawing something very obscene and giving it to the little boys as a prank... it was a disaster xDDDD AND I DON'T REMEMBER IT VERY WELL! I would love to see that again... we were so silly... PS: Can I add I haven't seen those people in almost four years AND somehow I dreamed of them like two nights ago? That was so weird xD Hope they're well, wherever they are right now :)
  • Hmm. Initially, I was going to say 17, second semester of my senior year but literally nothing could make me want to be a teenager again. So probably back to 20. When I was close with my best friend at the time and starting to date Charlie, the guy I've been the most serious with and fell for really hard. It was a significant time for me and one of the few times I felt connected with someone. The aftermath wasn't great but I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat.
  • I'm happy now, making strides going in the direction I want to go now. But I was definitely happy the years 2000-2002 I didn't have any major responsibilities, had great friends, and had fun just running around with them.
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