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Are you scared of the dark? How do you combat this fear when you have to function in the dark?

Answers (18)

  • Generally, no, I am not scared of the dark. However, after a horror movie or book, I find my heart rate increasing if I have to move around at night. Singing songs in my head, or mentally psyching myself up usually enables me to outwardly walk around normally. If it is a public place I am trying to navigate at night, I try to be as silent as possible, and listen as hard as I can to try to ensure nothing can surprise me....doesn't help that I am easily jumpy though.
  • I pride myself on being able to move around the darkened building with the minimum of extra lighting, avoiding the need to switch on and off a trail of bulbs as I go -- but I have to admit that if I have been reading horror stories I have to school myself very strictly not to imagine lurking things in the normally-friendly night...
  • Taking this literally the answer has to be "no". Darkness is not dangerous, it is merely the absence of light. What you can be scared of is what might be hiding in the dark (actually the "might" is probably the biggest factor here, our minds try to compensate for the inability to see by sending our imagination into hyper-mode, protective measure), but that's not what they asked. And really, some places seem just as scary in bright light as in the dark. What can you do? Try to stay sane and logical. Stay away from potentially dangerous areas, make sure you know where your flashlight and phone are.
  • Only when I need to pee in the middle of the night, LOL! And the bathroom is right next to my bedroom, but idk... it terrifies me to go out at that time... I'm afraid that someone will jump out of nowhere and kill me or something like that... o.o I don't know what others do, but I run xD Like crazy! And slam doors, LOL!
  • Not really, unless there is a cause to be afraid.
  • While I'm not scared of the dark in and of itself, when night falls I can get very jumpy and paranoid, depending on how I've been entertaining myself during the previous few days. For example, I am slightly addicted to murder forensic shows like "Forensic Files", and if I've just marathon-watched several of them I'm likely to be very jumpy and extra paranoid about locking the doors to the house and securing windows and other potential entrance spots. It amuses my husband, who doesn't understand why I watch such gristly shows in the first place. Alternatively, if I've been reading ghost stories that claim to be real events that happened to actual people, I will become extremely nervous about turning my head toward a shadowy room lest a spirit materialize in the doorway. Or if I start to return to consciousness after sleeping before I've opened my eyes, and ghosts still linger in the corners of my mind, I will have to concentrate hard to force my eyes open, so full of fear will I be that a specter will be looming over my slumbering form. If it's dark and I'm in the middle of a particularly spine-tingling tale, I'll even be convinced that I can feel invisible eyes watching me. The classic scare that amuses my husband to no end is that whenever I watch a documentary about a serial killer like the Zodiac or Jack the Ripper - one who was never caught, in other words - I become jumpy, half-convinced that the serial killer is still around, even if he hasn't been active in over one hundred years. It doesn't take much. These silly fears are what the dark enables. I'm not scared of the darkness itself, but in it all sorts of stupid ideas can run free. Of course, the best thing to combat any fears that manifest is the knowledge that failure to carry on with my regular routine will result in many hoots and howls of laughter from my husband, who finds my silliness entertaining.
  • ...i dont
  • No, I am not really scared of the dark. I sometimes prefer drakness to light ^^.
  • I can be in the dark, but what I'm afraid of is when I see small lights or movement in the dark, it paralizes me momentarily... I have to remind myself that the small light is the computer power light or the alarm clock, or a light from an antenna far away in the city that can be seen in through my window... My fear is more about being watched in the dark and being attacked in the dark... Usually, the only time I'm in a pitch black place is when in my room and I am sort of used to it, so the reminding process from earlier, is fast.. If i were to be somewhere besides my room, I think I would be able to function, but if movement or sound happened I would react in a very violent way.. hahaha like hitting, screaming or getting angry.
  • Yes, even if - according to certain norms - I am considered as a kind of "darksoul", being alone in the dark, in an unfamiliar place, might make me scared. The best way to combat withit is contemplating on my fascination of death - like, we all have to die at a time, so why does it matter if something happens?
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