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No Rules

If there were no rules in life, and you could be as outrageous as you wanted to be, what would you do?

Answers (15)

  • lol, rules. Rules are for Christians and feminists. See? I already am outrageous, because I simply reject rules and just do what makes sense.
  • I would drive fast and far.
  • Hmm... I don't think I'd do anything "outrageous", you know... But I'd be totally thrilled if social conventions were gone :D I wouldn't have to be nice to people I don't like! I would be able to eat like a pig or sit on the floor in the bus or cut my hair really short without feeling that every person around me is judging me! (and, really, why is that males can do all those things and nobody says a thing? It truly pisses me off!). And there would be anarchy. And people wouldn't be able to do shit without someone taking actual justice by their own hands (since the police wouldn't exist). I'd love to live in that world~ :3
  • Probably nothing different. I am too much of a neurotic, and so my own inner rules are much stricter than the "outer" or "official" ones. Oh... maybe I would shave my head (this is not really accepted for females, according to the actual social norms.) But this is the only exception.
  • Today's rules are in the way because events happened back in 1998. So, if rules didn't prevail, I'd sue the hell out of attorney Joseph J. Hylan for complete lack of representation. I'd press charges against Joe Marinelli for harassment. How exciting it'd be. I'd sue Colonial School District and their HR Director from back then, R.Scott Klinger for his pattern of retaliation and his vindictive game playing. I'd also take down Gary Kline from Domestic Relations, who's been sued by employees. He's ruthless and has no ethics.
  • I would be truly outrageous! Can we talk about how crap the new Jem movie looks... William Shatner knows it haha: http://www.polygon.com/2015/5/13/8596099/jem-live-action-trailer I had the same reaction - where is Synergy? Where are the Misfits stealing stuff and trying to kill the Holograms? And it should have been in the 80's. It looks like yet another crap Hasbro tie-in. Speaking of Hasbro, I read the 80's MLP movie (actually good of course) did badly enough that they cancelled the Jem feature they were planning. :( I will be (pleasantly) surprised if it's better than Josie and the Pussycats. Or Rainbow Rocks.
  • Had to have a long think of this one, I mostly agree with a lot of "rules". The one thing I think I would revel in more is if I could be naked more, like not worry if I went to the mailbox that someone was going to be offended. Not that I think I am hot stuff or anything, but sometimes I just do not want to get cloths on when doing day to day stuff around town. Yeah not as outrageous of some people would be I am sure, and of course certain areas I would be covered up, but still, can't I bank in the buff? :-p
  • Mostly, I would be the way I am now. ::grins::
  • pretty laid back would be hanging out in bed being totally lazy
  • Anarchy would break out, for sure.
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