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If you had to choose, which would you rather be: a werewolf, a vampire, or a zombie?

Answers (35)

  • I would rather be a vampire. I wouldn't be able to go out in the sun, but at least I wouldn't be a rotting corpse. Werewolves are neat, but I wouldn't want to be one.
  • Not a zombie, the whole rotting smell and flesh doesn't work well as well as the eating brains situation. I'm already picky on what I eat. It's sort of a tough one when it comes to Vampire and Werewolf's though. No point being afraid of the nicknames and teasing because both have that disadvantage. Example, Leach and Bitch/mutt But over all I would end up with Werewolf. Mainly because depending on what facts you believe off of online some Werewolf's are immortal. Vampires are just stuck on blood and I have a slight fear of blood anyway.
  • Zombie is out of the question lol. Hmmm I would probably go with werewolf, I mean I don't really like body hair, but I would have the ability to get rid of it so lol.
  • Werewolf for sure. You have the ability to change into this awesome beast. Vampires are too prissy and have too many things they can't do. Zombies are just mindlessly walking around looking for brainz, like come on, there is an easy answer.
  • I would want to be a vampire. I've wanted to be a vampire fore a while, and given these three choices it's an easy question. Zombies are mindless and boring. Werewolves usually are mindless, but either way they are only strong on a full moon. I can't say which version of vampire I would want to be because none of the descriptions fully satisfy me, I only know I would like to be a vampire.
  • It would be a pain to shave all that fur so werewolf's a no go...lol...and it'll take me gazillion bottles of perfumes to cover the stench of my rotting flesh as a zombie so rejected as well...so, I will choose vampire, no contest whatsoever.
  • vampire
  • Werewolf. Or, you know. Weretiger. Best question so far, by the way! Short and simple!
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