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Writer's Block

How I got on LJ

Who introduced you to LiveJournal? Why did you first open an account or get involved?

Answers (195)

  • Someone whose name won't be mentioned introduced me to another place they were on. They invited me to be on myspace, and via that, I found livejournal. After i had some problems with me previous website, due to spammers, and having to close it down, I remembered their livejournal, and decided to try it, and I have been on here ever since. I don't need multiple blogs, especially since it will be hard to maintain them, and it makes you look desperate for an audience. As I stated on a guest entry in another site: Be selective. You don't need to be on a lot of places, when only 5 or 6 will truly benefit you. I follow that advice, and it has paid me back with dividens and interest. :)

  • I'm getting bored pretty easily these days and so I thought about giving blogging a try. LJ seemed the best place to do that since I think that the LJ community is one I can easily be a part of. Before today I used LJ for icons and fanfictions mostly but now I am thrilled to say that I am one of the LJ users.

    I am still new to this whole concept of blogging, but I'll do my best to make this thing interesting for me and for others.
  • Someone I really loved. I thought it would bring us closer, but I only suceeded in alienating him with my stupidity.
  • How I got to LiveJournal? 
    Well, I've been hearing about it for a long long time.
    I have used it on several occasions to get icons and such, but never wrote in my Journal or submitted anything in communities.
    Am giving it a try until maybe one day I get fed up.

    I have also challenged myself to try and start making icons, don't know if that will work though. I will definitely give it a try and upload said icons on here.

  • IT WAS KK I TELL YOU!!! Ahem, yes. Well, it was KK who first made one to post her hilarious macros, so I decided to make one too ^_^

    ...and there was also the issue of LiveJournal Dungeon Adventure - that awesomeful game which can be found at www.thesurrealist.co.uk. I was like huh? What? What is this LiveJournal? And so my LJ came into being ^_^

  • Cara Jane.
  • It's because of my very best friend, Niandy. I love her!
    I met her one week before valentines day, but we always tell people we actually mét on valentines day, which makes the whole story a little bit more 'romantic' I suppose.

    On Valentines Day we had a special guest coming over to our school. Niandy and I had to plan a lot of things. For example, I had to plan a couple of acts for that day, and I had to take care of the decoration. Niandy did a lot of stuff too. We were supposed to plan the things for that day together, but did not really knew each other, and I guess we were both kind of shy.

    When I had to take care of the dancers for that day, there was this one girl that could dance really well, and she had the same name as Niandy!
    So, I came up to 'the actual' Niandy, and the first words that I spoke to her were: ''Hey, can you dance?''
    It wasn't funny at all when I said it, but when we now think of it, it always causes a laugh.

    After those magic first words, we started to hang out more and more,
    and on valentines day, when we were both the host of the show, when we really enjoyed each other's company,
    we ''decided'' to become friends.

    After the 14th of February, a lot of stuff happened to Niandy, which is quite sad.
    I think it's just meant to be. I hope I've been quite a support to her, and I hope I helped her quite a lot in this difficult period.

    But, I always try not (to let her) think about these sad periods, and we always have a blast when we're together.
    I love her.

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  •  well.

    my boyfriend [he wasnt my boyfriend yet] had one and he ws like "oh my heavens kailah you need to get one!"  and i was like uhhhh ok? so i signed up for it because i like writing down things more then talking. no wait. thats not true. i LOVE talking there is just no one to listen to me =] but my computer has no choice =]

  • My friend Kaga-chan first introduced me, and I joined because I was interested. I've always wanted a journal. :)
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