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Arrested Development

Have you ever had any run-ins with the law or been arrested? What happened (if you feel comfortable sharing the story)?

Answers (14)

  • I've never been arrested, but I do know how it feels to have handcuffs put on me. Thing is, I worked in Security Forces when I was in the Air Force. Every other branch called them MP's for "Military Police," but in the Air Force we are Security Forces. Go figure. Anyway, I had cuffs placed on me during my initial job training. Trust me, there really is a right way and a wrong way to place a suspect under arrest and place handcuffs on them. Every cop had to learn how to do it properly. Now, as far as run-ins as far as me being a potential criminal? Well.....I got a speeding ticket once, does that count? I think it was like 40 in a 30 or something like that. The cop was kinda nice about it, and I paid the ticket online. Didn't waste time going to court or anything like that. Simply paid it off, and washed my hands of it. What else...... I got pulled over in Texas on my road trip home from Colorado for, you guessed it, speeding. (There's a bit of a pattern there, huh?) He saw all my gear packed up in the back seat, gave me a warning, asked me if I was stationed at Fort Carson (I was at Peterson AFB, and Ft. Carson was a quick drive south), and sent me on my way. What else..... I guess that sums it up, really. I've tried to keep my nose clean as best I can. I know for a fact I'd never survive prison, so I try to behave myself.
  • Kind of - neither of which were anything to do with me. I've been told to 'fuck off' by an officer when trying to get a kebab (sober, and I was living locally) near Tottenham when I asked politely why I couldn't walk down this local street which was taped off. Never found out why, but wasn't surprised that riots happened there years later since even myself as a white bloke got treated like shit there by them, hate to think how they treated other people. I have told police they can't come in, same place due to an arrest of someone at the address for GBH. That was very satisfying, I also barracked them during the arrest...oddly one of the policemen admitted to breaking the law himself casually, he was playing good cop to the other (bearded, the authority figures with beards never are nice and always turn out to be right c***s) playing bad cop...very odd.
  • Never been arrested. I supposed an arrest is only a matter of time. I have so many police and assorted security types watching and following me, it is like having my own private security company. How has it been? Lonely is the answer. Most people avoid me when I tell them about the surveilance. If I don not like the person, this is very useful way to get rid of them. But mostly when I like someone and tell them, well, the most common behavior is a chuckle plus a remark such as "Oh sure, right...", but they are goners afterwards. Good night Detective Suber.
  • I lit a sugar packet on fire at school in 7th grade and got narked on to the campus police. In my defense, I didn't know arson was a crime.
  • Pro tip: If you get a traffic ticket, don't stick it in your coat pocket, and then forget about the ticket when the weather warms up and you switch to a lighter jacket. Oops.
  • I wasn't arrested but was picked up bu the police when I was 13, we were crossing a park and someone shot a gun and it hit my friend, he was three feet away from me. I don't remember the net week of my life, I don't even remember when my parents had to take me home. I was pulled by a police car, and two African american cops told me I "filled the criteria" for a Latino gang member and asked me if my car was stolen. I was already a med student back then.
  • Never, thank God! The worst I've got is that one day I was driving back from a wedding and after dancing and partying (not drinking because I was going to drive) I looked not so good so when I passed a police check point they thought I had been drinking and pulled me over... I explained I didn't drink but anyway they asked for my papers.. I gave them to the police officer, and he noticed that I hadn't paid my car taxes for last year (we have to pay those yearly here in my city) so for that he had to give me a ticket... I complained about it.. because is not fair he didn't stop me for that... and then he said "and I'll keep your drivers license".. Maybe he was expecting me to offer some money... some police officers expect that kind of things here in Mexico.. but I'm not the kidn to offer, it goes against my beliefs. So I didn't and now had a ticket and no license! AND still had to drive back home, and risk getting to another check point!!! Nothing happened after that, thankfully... But next day I went to pay my taxes, pay my ticket and get my license back... Turned out I only needed to pay the ticket to get my license but when I looked closely to the it... it didn't say it was because I hadn't pay my taxes... it was for not wearing my seatbelt!!!!!! UnFAIR!!! Took me a whole morning to get it all sorted... and turned out all was because the officer just wanted to punish me... one way or another! Anyway... not a big offense at all... but since I've never got speeding tickets or anything like that (i'm well behaved girl) that event stuck with me.. Hope this is a worthy answer today's question.
  • Well, back when I was going to a community college, I liked walking there since I was able to go through an ecological reserve. But when I was about halfway there, I found recent rains had flooded a road. I could have sloshed across, but I would've been soaked from about my shins down. So I went back to my home to drive there. Then I found a freeway exit I would've taken, was closed. So I took another way I knew, but the road there was flooded at one point. Not a lot. Just at its lowest part. There was some temporary sign up about it being flooded. I saw a car driving through it going toward me (it was about maybe 8 feet of puddle or less?) and that encouraged me to drive through it. However, a police car had been going after that car for driving through it and I was stopped. Then the officer motioned me to roll my window down. He said something like, "Do you want to pay a fine? A really big fine?" in an annoyed voice. I forget what I said, but I would have been apologetic. He asked why I was doing it. I said the freeway exit I normally take was closed and I was late for class. I said I was sorry and wouldn't be back, and he waved me away.
  • Yes I had a run-in with the law. But I was never arrested. What happened is that I was caught stealing-which was quite a few years ago. I got off scott free with just a simple warning because it was such a minor incident.
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