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Which languages do you speak or read? If you know multiple languages, why did you learn more than just your native language? If you could learn another language fluently, which would it be and why?

Answers (26)

  • I speak and read German, English and French. My native language is German and it was an acquirement for my graduation to master the English and French language. If I could learn another language, it would possibly be Chinese, as most people of the world's population speak it.
  • I speak and read Arabic (my native language) and English. I learned English because it's a global language, Most people speak English. Also as a way for communication and learn new information. I would love to speak and read Japanese fluently, I am in love with Japan (。♥‿♥。). I watch anime and read manga. I also would love to visit Japan one day (* >ω<).
  • English, Chinese, Japanese, Singlish, very poor Korean~~ Hmm.. English, Chinese and Singlish are my mother tongue. I learnt Japanese so I could read/watch manga/anime in the original text/voicing. And to sing Japanese songs... etc... Eventually I majored in Japanese studies in university, went on exchange to Japan, worked in Japan, travelled to Japan multiple times.. and all my jobs so far requires daily use of Japanese. So Japanese has worked out awesomely for me. I learned Korean for 6 months, but never really picked it up, mostly because I had little interest in Kpop, thus eliminating my chance of practising and really learning it. If I could learn another language... actually I would love to learn Chinese dialects.. It's embarassing that I can speak Japanese, and yet not my native dialect. Often I wish I could understand Hakka and Teochew to know what my parents are saying to my older relatives. Would also like to learn Cantonese since that's what 彼 speaks to his older relatives. Would also love to learn Ainu language (Hokkaido) and Ryukyu language (Okinawa) because I'm interested in the culture of these minorities~
  • Both spanish and english, I learned english because I grew up in America and my sister in law was living with my family at the time, and her first language was english. growing up with an english speaker actually helped a ton, my english may not be the best but it could be worse if it hadn't been for her. But I'd like to learn korean fluently, also chinese because I'd like to visit both places and it'd be better if I was able to properly communicate with everyone, heh.
  • I speak and read English, French, and Spanish. I learned these because I have a big interest in languages. It would be either Japanese or Ukrainian because both are beautiful languages.
  • I can speak Chinese, Cantonese, English, a little bit of Japanese and Korean. I think that languages can connect people all over the world, and I love languages. I'm kinda interested in Italian, and I'm learning it, but I just can't learn the rolling 'R' sound. If I can speak another language fluently, that would be it. :)
  • I know this question is a couple of days late, but I'm gonna go ahead and answer it anyway! Fun fact, I can actually speak some conversational Spanish! It's hella rusty, though, 'cause I don't really use it a lot anymore... I can also speak an abysmal amount of Tagalog and German. I learned -- or, should I say, I want to learn more about -- these languages for a multitude of reasons, but mostly to communicate more efficiently with the people I care about. Friends, family, co-workers... Also, my brother's stationed in Germany; it'd be nice if I knew a little bit should I get the idea to visit him, lol. No questions, I want to learn to speak fluent Tagalog. My mother was on the path to teaching me when I was younger, but then people started making fun of me (I stutter IRL), so she stopped because the people thought her teaching me her native tongue was making my problems worse... :S
  • My native language is Russian. I also speak English. I learned it at school, it was mandatory like all other subjects. I think books lose some of its meaning in translation, so I started reading english prose, which expanded my vocabulary and, eventually, led to fluency. I'd like to learn Spanish and German, mostly because I like how both languages sound, and my dream language, which I probably will never learn, is Irish Gaelic.
  • I think it's important to at least attempt to understand things outside of your own culture, especially with learning how other's communicate. Language happens to be a favorite of mines, having a degree in English and all. I have working proficiency in French and Spanish. I'd like to continue working on being fluent in French though because it's a beautiful language.
  • I'm fluent in Filipino and English. I can also read and write Japanese and Korean but my speaking is... meh. I studied Japanese because of my desire to be able to go to Japan without a hitch, like all I'll worry about is a place to stay and I can go around the country comfortably. Due to ~laziness~ I still haven't perfected speaking, boooo. For Korean, I didn't study the language but one day, I just know the syllables and yeah. It might be because of my constant exposure to Kpop and K-dramas. I dunno. If I could learn more language fluently, I'd want to learn Madarin and the language of the deaf and mute. Why? 비밀요~~ ;)
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