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White Lies

Do you think of yourself as an honest person? Can you think of a time where you lied to someone, just to make them feel better? What did you say?

Answers (22)

  • I am a bad liar since I was little till now. Every time I tried, I get discovered that I am lying, so I stopped lying. I don't remember I said a white lie to make someone feel better, nowadays I will try to tell him/her their good points instead of lying to them even if it's a white lie. I want to be an honest person as much as I can, because I believe “honesty is the best policy”. But at the same time I don't want to be a rude person because I am honest.
  • I try to be honest. Sometimes, I'm afraid and I'll tell a lie. I really need to speak the truth in love. Or sometimes, I forget about a detail of a store's name and guess the name. They usually correct me.
  • Actually I think I lie to people all the time in little ways like this, but I have the same amount of times where I am telling the truth. More of the time I feel like I am just untruthfully committing to a definitive answer when the true answer is "I don't care".
  • It's the old ethics argument again. Deontology Vs Teleology. Basically would you tell the truth to the nth degree, regardless of the consequences - or would you weigh up the situation and scatter untruths like little white butterflies. I go with the Teleology/Consequentialism - but I do tend to tell people the brutal truth if there IS no other way of getting the message across.
  • That she was inspirational.
  • I think I am a prettty honest person. I try my best to keep thoughts that can hurt others to myself, but I can be a pretty blunt person somethimes. Mostly when my opinion was not wanted. I guess I do tell white lies every now and then if I was not able to avoid it. I mostly try to change the subject before ever allowing the white lies to slip through my mouth. I can't think of a white lie I have told at this moment. It's either so much that I can not decide on which to say, or that I don't say enough so they get lost somewhere in the back of my mind.
  • I am an honest person. However, sometimes, I lied to my friends, but my words are not a knife, it does not harm anyone.
  • I do think white lies are important to a functioning society. As much as most of us all value to the truth, there are just some things some people don’t want to hear. “Does my ass look big in these pants?” “No baby, you look smokin’ hot!” “Was he bigger than me?” “No baby, you’re the biggest I’ve EVER had!” “I could so win American Idol if I auditioned.” “Oh totally, you have the voice of an angel… just remember to practice in the shower where the acoustics are really at their best.” [BL has told me this one many times, though I really do have the voice of an Angel *clears throat*] Now, there are flat out lies that really should never be spoken. “Yeah, so I am a doctor…” *Actually works at McDonalds and doesn’t have High School diploma* “My wife died in a tragic accident a few years ago.” *Still married, wife is very much alive, and has 4 kids* “I’m raising money for [insert notable cause].” *Is really using the money to buy more ping pongs* You get the point. I think there are some lies that are healthy and others that are just completely destructive not only to relationships but society. I think with the internet it becomes easier and easier to tell the lies like the latter (or maybe that’s how I feel).
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