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Hey Now! Stop That!

If you saw two people fighting on a street corner, would you try to step in and break it up or stay out of it? Why would you make that choice?

Answers (23)

  • It is not wise to just jump into things as brutal as street fight. I will try to stop them if they're just insulting each other, but in street fight, sometimes some bring weapons with them, like knives. I won't put myself in the middle of that kind of fight. Instead I will call police or someone with enough power to stop them, like if they're fighting in an alley beside a restaurant or cafe maybe i can call the cafe owner to tell the problem, or something like that... But I will not walk away, especially if the fight is escalating rather dangerously. The littlest thing I'd do is probably fidgeting and telling somebody who's near about it. And I personally think they will regret it if they are not stopped...
  • Well, I don't go out much to witness a fight. But if I did, I'll look at it first and think about it. I don't want to get hurt after all and I am sure the first thing that they will say to me “It's not your business” and I can't break up a fight between two men. If the fight between strangers I will stay out of it.
  • I'd probably stay out of it, but I still might call the cops, just in case. You didn't really wanna mess around with a street fight, and I'm too scrawny to break one up.
  • I'd call the police. I've seen/heard too many stories of people trying to stop a fight only to get hurt or killed in the process.
  • I would stay out of it but call the police. People think that by stepping up to stop the fight, they are being the hero. But no, youre just gonna get your arse kicked. so just call the bloody police.
  • I have intervened when it's been 2 against one, or an obvious unfair fight. Usually just shouting and making them aware that others are watching solves it, because they are drunk or caught in the moment.
  • I'd call the police - let them intervene. I'd be too hesitant to stop a fight.
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