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Do you have any unusual fears or phobias? If so, what are they? If not, which phobias do you think are most bizarre?

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  • The Buffalo Zoo was a tiny sliver of land in a tiny city that had more varieties of greasy food than it did wildlife. It was a time when everything seemed okay with imprisoning innocent animals for the pleasure of gawking at them in an unnatural environment. For children, it was an exciting way to see different types of animals and learn about nature. For adults, it was a cheap way to get the family out of the house for the day. The zoo design was pretty standard. I remember there being a lot of cement and not much else. Instead of polar bears playing in the arctic, they were granted the privilege to swim in man-made concrete ponds and were tossed an occasional hunk of meat. A pack of hyenas roamed a half mile radius of artificial sand behind a wall of glass, because, how else would we see them? A macaw in a standalone prison cell. Capable of flight, but unable to leave. Then there was the ape house. My mom used to enjoy it because primates were always lovable and intriguing to her. She was a huge animal fan, so I'm not sure why she had taken me to the zoo. Different times, I guess. Before getting to the part of the indoor facility that housed live primates, there was a reptile/amphibian room that displayed snakes, lizards, frogs, and turtles behind glass cases. Then onto the small monkey room. Capuchins, spiders, marmosets chirped and jumped on a couple sticks in their cells. Then the larger monkeys. My dad told us that there was a grumpy old chimp named Eddie who lived many years at the Buffalo Zoo and was famous for tossing his poop and food at visitors, among other things. Maybe he realized how moronic imprisoning animals for human entertainment was. In his mind, they deserved the fecal flinging. I have to agree. At the end of the facility, you got to see the big guys. The main attraction. The gorillas. The gorilla house was the most effort they had put towards recreating a realistic environment in the entire zoo. You walked through a mock cave that had a netted canopy on top. Beyond the thin nets were trees. Once you got through that area, there was a room separated by glass in which to view the gorililas. This was always a public attraction as the gorillas could also see the humans and would run up playfully or even angrily and pound on the glass. To me, it was terrifying. I didn't cry, but the whole experience gave me a yucky feeling. I would have nightmares of the mock cave and the gorillas. The whole atmosphere didn't sit well with me and I was afraid they would break through the net or the glass and kill us. From then on, I had a fear of gorillas and that section of the zoo. Years later, I visited the zoo with some friends and it was a desolate concrete landscape. There were significantly less animals. I had planned on conquering my fear and visiting the gorilla house one more time. We quickly walked through and it still gave me an uneasy feeling. An angry gorilla pounded on the glass and startled a young boy. We should not have been there. They should not have been there. From an older perspective I realized I wasn't afraid of the gorillas. I was afraid of humanity.
  • I have an irrational fear of caterpillar. I can't even at them in tv or picture. I can only stand them when they are in cartoon form. If I read something and they shows up I will up and throw the book on the floor. That just how bad it is . Just thinking about them five me nightmare. That just how bad it is. I don't know what I would call that though.
  • I don't know if mine are unusual, I am afraid to live and die alone and at the same time I don't trust people. Because I was betrayed by someone who was dear to me, so I am trying to protect myself by not letting people get too close to me. I fear all kinds of insects, I don't like killing them, but I have to when they are in my house. If the insects are outside the house, I don't do anything and I leave them alone (I just run). I don't like to go outside my house at all. I don't know I guess I am scared to go out. I am also terrified from making mistakes. I don't like to think others people phobias as bizarre, we don't know what they have been through to develop this phobia. I am reminded with chapters 815-817 in Detective Conan about phobia. I might be wrong, but I think fear and phobia is related to behaviorism. I am trying to take a psychology course online on edx and I read that Watson found in his research “that systematically exposing a child to fearful stimuli in the presence of objects that did not themselves elicit fear could lead the child to respond with a fearful behavior to the presence of the stimulus.” After reading that I think fear and phobia is related to behaviorism. What do you think?
  • The phobia that I still have till this day but slightly is the being afraid of mice and rats. The reason for this was because my father would scare me to death with making it seem like he always had one of those disgusting creatures in his hands that would make me scream. Plus he knew how to make the sound of a mice really well so that had me jumping out of my skin as well. Now when I see a mice or rat and I get scared, it makes me get angry at the sight of seeing them and makes me want to go after them with a broom and smash them 20 times over and over till they are not moving no longer. True story: In my desperate fear of this suckers I actually killed the first mouse ever when I hit him with broom over and over till my brother had to pull me back from smashing him to bits because of how much he scared the hell outta of me.
  • I am afraid of noise. I don't really know if that would be considered a phobia because .... who likes noise?
  • My dad was always telling me "Son, you ain't smart enough to be afraid.". Now, at first blush that sounds pretty harsh, maybe, ... but it was simply his way to express what he saw in me. It was also a way to (reverse psychology probably) encourage me to NOT be afraid - of anything. There is a phobia called 'phobophobia', the phobia of developing a fear or phobia; if I have one that might be it. HAHAHA! Most folks just see all this as high risk behavior, not being afraid to do or try pretty much anything, I can't say for sure any-which-way. Anytime in Life that I've come across something that made me feel anxious, fearful, or whatever, I simply forced myself to do it, to get beyond that. I'm adverse to tolerating fear, in myself as well as others. All that being said, I do have a tendency to avoid places where there are lots of people, towns, events, etc., ... but not because of phobia, mostly just because I don't really care for people much, and most things people like to gather for, I simply don't really care for; social functions just bore the hell out of me. Right-wrong-indifferent, if I don't enjoy "it" (whatever the 'it' may be) I'm simply not going to do it, most likely. Some says it's selfishness, I call it self preservation and basic self care. What others think of me and my ways is not really any of my business or concern, ... Then there is "imposter syndrome", the fear and aversion to self promotion, ... if there is anything I truly despise doing, it's tooting my own horn, ... but I'm working on that - little bits by little bits. As an Artist struggling to be an actual working, earning Artist, showing my work, posting my works, etc., has always been one of my biggest challenges. Not so sure I concern about being thought an "imposter", or a fake/phony, ... or whatever, so not sure "imposter syndrome" fits either. Interesting question, cool dialogue.
  • I am extremely squeamish around bugs. I don't even want to touch them after they've squished. One time I squished a bug in my room, and I hid its body under a plate so I wouldn't have to touch it or look at it or even think about it. This went on for over a month. I better stop here before I reveal any more embarrassing details.
  • Yeah, I'm afraid of spiders.
  • Television terrifies me. Even before I experienced the scene from "Clockwork Orange", television and the humanoids associated with television frightened me. I go to extremes to avoid television. Detective Suber in Jacksonville knows this. He has the details.
  • I'm not sure what counts as unusual. What I might fear would be no issue to another person, and vice versa. I might have a mild fear of heights. When I played the first Tomb Raider game in the early '90s, my palms sweat repeatedly from the danger of falling within the game. I have a minor fear of spiders. I check around my bed at night to see if any are visible. What annoys me is when I was living in another home once and doing this, I believe one bit me in the middle of the night regardless. I had a big bruise on my leg the next day. I had been awakened briefly by a stinging sensation but fell asleep again. And the following doesn't rise, I think, to the definition of phobia, but I always try to take my keys with me when I leave my home no matter how briefly, even if the only way I'd be locked out would be if the door locked itself.
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