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Fly away with me

If you could have any feature or ability from an animal, what would you want? Why did you pick that one?

Answers (16)

  • The ability or feature that i would love to have would be the ability to see at night in the dark. I choose this because my room is pitch black with no windows at all and sometimes I would have to get up just to turn on the light. With this ability i can move about in the dark without the use of any light.
  • Intuition. Because people don't have very much of it Men have even less and civilized men have none to speak of.
  • Ah, so many to choose from. If many people were to also get this ability I would probably choose the flying ability of a fast and agile predatory bird. If this was rare or just for me, I'd take the ability to jump and land as a snow leopard does which would be phenomenally useful for acrobatic performances. At 7 times body length that would be 42 feet. Jumping 42 feet in one bound would also just have to feel incredible.
  • Chameleon eyes, because being able to see everywhere in two different directions would be great for multi-tasking, which I do a lot of.
  • I'd like to smell/feel/sensen(if that's the right way to say it) feelings or changes in others, like canines do, like wolves that can almost smell fear or nervousness. I'd like that because I could help people better and read/smell/feel their lies. it'l be very helpfull in my line of work
  • I bet it would suck a little, but I would want the social abilities of the super-complex brain of cetaceans, since their social intelligence and social connections to their peers are more complex than ours. I would like to really connect with others with all my heart, even if I were alone in my ability to do so.
    (more info on cetacean brains: link 1, link 2, link 3, link 4, link 5)
  • Speed
  • My first thought was the ability to fly like a bird (specifically a peregrine falcon), but then I thought, why not pick the strength of a bear? I'm not very strong physically because of my Crohn's disease, and it's a huge issue that comes up every single day. I can barely open the doors at my school because they're too heavy for me. I laugh about it to my friends and they have a running joke about how fragile and delicate I am and they help me do certain things, but it bothers me sometimes. So I'd pick strength of a bear... I think it would be nice to have that kind of power for once.
  • Bird. . . . because I can fly~ I proud that I can fly >_<
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