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Smart is sexy

Name a specific physical or personality trait that draws you to other people. Why do you think you find that trait so compelling?

Answers (24)

  • Honesty. In modern day American culture there aren't very many people who are truly honest. Some white lies are okay. But someone who lies to compensate for their weaknesses is someone I will never like.
  • Thank goodness we're all a complicated jumble of traits because one spectacular trait would render a person an animated stick figure. But, if a person is kind, truly kind, than the lack of critical thinking skills, a sense of humor, the integrity to challenge injustice in a productive manner, the peace to be oneself in the midst of turmoil (or any other trait that I admire) is not so glaring.
  • The personality trait that draws me to other people is just being themselves around me with out no care at all. I find this trait to be compelling because I get to know more about a person better when they are themselves and makes me more opened minded into meeting people who may have different opinions and ideas on how they get through their life in this cruel world
  • Integrity. I respect people that have a strong sense of integrity and I think they make the best friends.
  • In no specific order: eyes, smile, confidence, laughter, face, and joy.
  • Hi, I've built a working UFO in the past till the feds took it. Lucky me I didn't give all my secrets away ha ha. I'm looking for a few good smart people to join me. I have big plans for all of us. Sighned, "The master wizard" http://youtu.be/suBp3ai-xG8
  • Physical, height, I'm a sucker for tall guys, I dated a 6'4" and then a 6' guys, a couple 5'11" and so, but when the guy is shorter for some weird reason my relationships doesn't work. Why? I have no idea. Personality I'm drawn to those who never take themselves too serious, I like people realistic and humble
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