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Writer's Block

Unique Talents

Do you have a strange and obscure talent? What is it? If not, have you ever seen someone else's? What did they do?

Answers (239)

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  • I can, to some extent, if I concentrate hard and don't blink, make my pupils dilate and contract on command. And I'm very good at choosing just the right melon. And falling down, on purpose, without getting hurt.

    I also make the best spaghetti sauce in existence.
  • I have a few... 1: I can sleep with my eyes open for a very short time. 2: I am able to create a full right angle on both hands with my index, middle, and ring fingers, plus my thumb. 3: I can twist my wrist 360 degrees. If I have, say, a bench in a bowling alley available, I can do two full turns. 4: I also have the ability to identify almost any David Bowie song within the first few seconds. 5: My impression of Gir from Invader Zim has to be heard and seen to be believed. 6: I can sneak up behind people and just stand or sit behind them for quite a while before they notice. 7: I have no audible footsteps. 8: If I know someone well enough, I can identify them by smell. 9: My sense of hearing is better than most people's. What I'm trying to say is that I'm a complete freak in some ways.
  • I decided to try out the "Writer's Block" feature today!

     Hmmm......well, I can juggle.  I don't know if that's really obscure though.  

    I'd wanted to juggle for years, ever since I first saw a juggler on television.  I used to try to teach myself, but I never got very far.  So, once when we were on vacation in Iowa visiting my mom's relatives, I picked up a juggling instructions book.  (Juggling for the complete klutz.)  And I practiced all during the trip.  By the end of the vacation, I could juggle 3 beanbags!  Nifty, huh?

    When I was a kid, I used to be able to hang a spoon off the end of my nose.....I suppose that's a pretty strange talent.  

    A few years ago, I was taking Psychology 101, and I got so bored that I wrote all my notes backward.  (Like, you'd have to hold them up to a mirror in order to see them correctly.)  I guess that's pretty strange.......and also annoying for the poor person who borrowed my notes when they missed a class, lol.

    I know all the lyrics to several older Sesame Street songs, but that's a pretty useless talent!  (Especially since I sing badly enough to crack glass!!)

    I can roll out of bed and be quite cheerful as early as four in the morning, but that's not really all the useful......especially when it means that you're tired and irritable by 7pm, lol.

    I don't know......I guess I don't have that many strange talents!!
  • I seem to have one involving music that I've had since 1990 or thereabouts, whereby I'd find myself listening to the radio, a snatch of a song would pass through my head for no discernible reason (I didn't consciously think about these songs, they just popped into my head unbidden and without warning), and that song would wind up being the next one played. I've never been able to find a rational explanation for this despite having observed probably hundreds of instances of it in the last nearly two decades. Unfortunately I've not actually made any record of when these things have happened. Occasionally this fairly useless gift of mine has manifested itself in other ways, a few of which are worth noting. 1. One day I was sitting on the bus going into town and Radiohead's "Packt Like Sardines" popped into my head. A day or two later, my friend Daz gave me a mix CD she'd made which contained that song. I'd no idea she was working on this CD before she gave me it, and she didn't tell me what was on it, so I didn't know the song was there until I actually looked at the tracklisting later. 2. Another day I found myself suddenly thinking about a song I'd seen the video for a couple of times on Rage called "Soapmaker". Had no idea who'd written the song, nor why I should've been thinking about it then, but there you go. Anyway, a day or two later I'd come home from a club and turned the TV on to watch a bit of Rage before bedtime. The guest programmers were a band called Clutch. I was slightly puzzled by this, cos I'd never heard of them before that I could think of. And then it came to the bit where the guest programmer's videos are played, and it transpired that these bearded characters were the people responsible for that "Soapmaker" song. (Remember I had no idea they were programming the show that week, nor that they'd done that song.) 3. Just a few months ago I was lying on the couch and—God only knows why—the Golden Girls theme came into my head. (All together now: thank you for being a friend...) A few days later I was at Inflatable Towers, where Brendan had crashed after a club the night before, and so we convened for band business, and during a lull in proceedings we were looking through the photos I'd taken of the club. Brendan found himself so horrified by one that he was moved to say it made him look like Bea Arthur from the Golden Girls. So I seem to have a decidedly peculiar psychic ability of some sort, which has manifested itself at other times in ways completely unrelated to music, but which, alas, has never turned itself towards anything actually useful like, you know, the winning Lotto numbers. There are times when I wish it would fuck off if it's not going to make itself useful, but it insists on popping up again every so often. Other people's strange and obscure talents... um, I saw someone outside Tailor's once knee himself in the forehead. That was fairly strange. He's welcome to that one, I have no particular ambition to be able to emulate him.
  • Hm... Let us see.. I have superspeed, I can sparkle, I can attract my prey with my ohsolovely scent and gorgeous apperance... K.. I'm done I beilive ^^
  •  Ever since I was in pre-school I have been able to touch my tounge to the tip of my nose. If you have ever seen Disneys Lilo and Stitch it's sort of what Stitch does but less voracious. If you haven't seen the film it is very good for more than just kids.
  • One-handed clapping. I can, by wobbling my elbow, make my fingertips hit against the heel of the same hand, thus making a clapping noise. I can do both hands at once and get a really fast drumroll effect! It's fun!

    I also have the amazing abilities of memorizing digits of pi and understanding what words Elton John is singing.
  • I have some pretty boring talents. Like being able to tell you random dates that no one needs to know, down to the minute how long some of my relationships lasted (my longest one was 1yr, 10mo, 27days, 2hrs, 13min)and stuff like that. I also can pick up almost any instrument (except strings, I'm just plain terrified to play string instruments) and learn how to play it in a week or less. Which would be cool if I could get paying gigs... I also have a good memory for mental illnesses. But I think that's more personal experience than talent.
  • i don't think i do. i haven't seen anybody else's.
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