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Have you ever binge-watched a TV series? If so, what was it? Why did you like it so much?

Answers (89)

  • My Boys ~~~ A female sports writer uses baseball references when talking about dating and relationships. The main character seem to have so much fun just by hanging out with her friends....who just happen to be men.
  • I binge-watch a lot of anime. I did that with "Mononoke," for example. I also binge-watched a couple seasons of "The Walking Dead." I liked it because, at the time, I felt the characters were realistic, the pacing was very good and the conflicts were interesting. However, as time went by, "Walking Dead" and I had a falling out. The characters became predictable and fell into hackneyed archetypes, the good pacing was exchanged for action-action-suspense-and-action just like every other show and it got too far into a realm of disgusting that I just don't like. Makes me feel like I wasted my life a little watching it, except I learned a lot about what NOT to do with my own works....
  • I have! PLL was binge-watched by me! I guess at the time I watched the first episode ever, I was going through a similar situation in my love life that I just kept watching... so when it started being mysterious, I was officially hooked. I loved it too much to stop watching!
  • Yes. I binge watched Seasons 1-3 of American Horror Story on Hulu. I had heard lots of things about it but I wasn't entirely sure what it was. When I saw the first season, I was hooked with the unique story telling. Now, I am waiting to be able to watch Freakshow online somewhere. I can't wait because I will binge watch them all again. haha!
  • Yes, I did actually. It was an obscure anime called A Snow Fairy Named Sugar, and while it was pretty enjoyable in the moment, I'm not sure I liked it all that much. I mostly did it because I was sick in bed after the extraction of a wisdom tooth. I don't normally have the attention span to binge-watch. I guess if you like sugary anime made for kids, A Snow Fairy Called Sugar is your show to watch!
  • Doctor Who. Arrow. Agents of Shield. Some Filipino TV series. Right now I am on my way to binge-watching Game of Thrones. And I don't regret staying up all night watching them. I think it is better to have emotional turmoil all at once than sitting bored and waiting week by week. Although, many would say there is some novelty to knowing what goes on now than be out of the loop.
  • Three shows 1- Doctor Who (I love the idea of time traveling) 2- Torchwood (John Barrowman) 3- Supernatural (Love the writing and the acting abilities and DEAN)
  • Once Upon a Time, Season 1. I could not stop watching it. The stories were incredible!
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