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What is the longest you've ever had to go without sleep? Why?

Answers (40)

  • The longest I went without sleep is about a day because sometimes my mind won't let me sleep as much as I need to. When I do get the chance to sleep, I sleep during the morning and at night I'm wide awake
  • Maybe 2 days at a stretch,bc I had to make sure I wouldn't miss some shows/movies on cable t.v,or cuz of d'ling torrents.I'm really a night owl,& stay up late at night(I've turned nocturnal),as long as it's in my comfort zone,oh well I guess,the plus side is I get to be awake when everyone else is asleep,& that is peace!Before I've gone on hunger-strikes(3 days) & staying awake for loong periods is no diff.I'm used to living on the edge & being reckless/daring...!
  • I've gone 72 hours straight without sleep (this past September), because both little ones were sick with the flu. The baby only being a few months old and my toddler is prone to febrile seizures
  • I had to stay up over 30 hours on multiple occasions when I was working at a hotel that liked to make me do day shifts after a night shift. Pretty much the only way to make sure I got sleep was to stay up the entire day to swap my sleep schedule around. It's horrible and I don't recommend it, and it was basically a terrible job.
  • Long before insomnia set in, while i was still a little me, I often pondered the purpose of sleeping at night. One day I took it upon myself to stay awake a whole night. I watched the raccoons outside the window, they watched me too. I watched the night slowly turn into the day. It was beautiful... ...and I figured, I managed 1 day. Why not go for 2? Really only made it into the middle of the 2nd night before I conked out.
  • 17 Hours because my Bestfriend/crush wanted to wait up with me. "to see the sunrise" I ended up falling asleep.
  • About 48 hours, because drugs.
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