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Writer's Block

Banished to Space.

If you were exiled to outer space, where would you be sent and what would you bring along?

Answers (263)

  • Option 1: Mars. A lunch box containing a sandwich, a banana, chips and a thermos full of hot chocolate. And a towel. Option 2: Pathilon. A Wava dictionary, Debben Cuxsadha's Gemlabic (for identifying indigenous fauna safe for consumption), a quantity of Guchungs, some Shotkar food, possibly some camping gear. http://mogwai_toejam.tripod.com/Earthstars.html Option 3: Tatooine. A neat puppet locator, and a special mask to filter out nasty odors like Jabba the Hutt's butt.
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  • Umm well supposing oxygen wasn’t a problem id be sent to a totally different galaxy one with lots of pretty spirals, actually remember that movie with Jodie Foster about them building that big sphere this an her going through that worm hole to the other universe well Id go there. Anyway Id bring Jay because he’s so sweet an cute and all he ever wants to do is help ugh adorable. Yeah that would be pretty fantastic.
  • I think to the moon, because it's like a giant snowball. I would bring a camera and some food and water.
  • hmmm........i wanna go to..............(long pause)

    no specific location yet.....
    ....but if i WERE to go sumwhere far far away (like outer space).....i would bring lots and lots of OXYGEN ^^
    i know, ryt? im SO smart ^^ LOL....sometimes i just don't know where I get it blah..blah..blah...

    Oxygen.......God! I'm SO smart ^^
    ..i would take an unlimited supply of it ^^
    unless there's also Oxygen where I'm going to....then I wouldn't need it, would I?
  • I'd be sent with THE DOCTOR!!! And I'd be really really excited. :D

    Probably cause I'm a good girl and don't really do much of anything that's too bad, so I guess I could get exiled how I want. :)

    I'd bring along some clothes, some food, tennis shoes... Just practical stuff, I guess. I'd probably take my laptop with intergalactic internet access, cause I like the internet... And I'd totally ask him for my own Sonic Screwdriver with instructions, though. That would be awesome. <3

    Yeah, just being dorky. <3

    I got another prompt done, and that'll be up in the next... I dunno... 12-24 hours? :D
  • Gallifrey. I'd bring my Sonic Screwdriver.
  •  I would be sent to an unknown planet, where people live. I would bring along my friends and family, and we would pay a visit there ^^
  •  Don't care where i went but I would bring back every piece of chocolate i found to see which planet had the best
  • I would be sent to the third moon of Tragema; the small one with the odd floral motif.
    When they exile you, how are you deposited in your new environment?  Do they land the ship and see you safely to your newly constructed hermetic domicile?  Or are you simply jetisoned from orbit and left to shift for yourself?
    I can't help wondering what the stars would look like from that part of the galaxy...

    I would bring cucumber sandwiches to tide me over until I was able to forage for some new means of sustenance.
    I would also attempt to bring as much of my library as possible.  Although presumably if humans have developed the technology required to exile petty criminals to outer space, they may have also devised a means of storing the entire scope of human literature in a small and aesthetically pleasing package.  I would bring my own books anyway, because I love the smell of them, and the feel of the paper...  There is nothing quite so comforting as a good, large, solid book.
    I think I'd also like to have a theremin and some sort of solar/hydro powered generator.  I've decided I want to learn to play.
    Depending on the size of the space allocated for the storage of my personal effects on the journey to my new home, I might try to persuade them to let me bring a portable dark room, an 8mm camera, and enough film and chemicals to last forty years (which is likely longer than I would last in an environment my alien human body was not designed for).  If I am permitted to store my things in Hammer Space, this should not pose a problem.
    Perhaps I'd bring a pack of jelly babies, just for giggles.
    Oh, and bug repellant.  That's very important.
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