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Writer's Block

Where the Cheese Goes

What should cheese go on, and what should cheese NOT go on?

Answers (226)

  • Cheese should go onto everything, duh.
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  • I am not a GIANT fan of cheese.. I actually prefer my burgers cheese-less.. but I love cheese on pizza ( sometimes as the ONLY ingredient) and on french fries.. but you know I never have understood the whole cheddar cheese on top of apple pie thing.. what's that about? my first and only thought is ewww..
  • Cheese should go on others. Cheese should not go on me! ('Cause I h8 cheese!)
  •  Cheese should go on things like sammachis and hot dogs...

  • Cheese should go on Pie
    Cheese should not go on Bun
    Cheese should go on.
    But Cheese should not go on and on and on and on and on and...
  • Cheese should go on crackers, pizza, bread, in your mouth, on the table, and anything that has a flat crunchy surface.

    Cheese should not go on apples, pies, cars, sidewalks, pets, the floor, under the table, roller coasters, into an r-rated movie and places where there are other people than me, that will eat it.
  •  Cheese should go on things of the grilled variety (grilled cheese, ha ha ha ha), and french fries, and House... "Cheese it, the cops," "Cheese is the Devil's plaything."  Crackers. But spay cheese can go on ANYTHING!
    Cheese should NOT go on apples... ew... I barf my cookies out.  Cheese can't go on cake, or soft pretzels, or anything soft for that matter.  I don't like pre-pacakaged American cheese, u know the Kraft singles, they don't taste cheesey. 

    But overall I like Cheese!
  • Cheese should go on vacation.
    Cheese should not go on a diet.
    - expirydate

    Cheese should go on sale.
    Cheese should not go on strike.
    - slasherflick

    Cheese should go on death row.
    Cheese should not go on me.
    - seizureslater
  • Cheese should go on toast! Cheese should NOT go on people's bodies! NEVER NEVER NO!
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