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Writer's Block

Funniest Thing Ever.

Out of all the funny things that have ever happened to you, which experience still cracks you up?

Answers (250)

  • Well, nothing that happened to me, but I did hear something that was funny that happened to someone else, and it involved a fetish their girlfriend had, and it cracked me up so much that I wrote it in a script I had written in 2000.
  • INSIDE JOKES ARE THE BEST! i could go on for days. :YOUR MOUTH IS A HOLE.....in your face! (tone of voice varies)
    and stuff  that only some get. those are the best.

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  • OMG! it was the greatest thing in the entire world!! I was at small group with my friend Lillian (which is like bible study, but with less bible and more hanging out.) and it was pretty late and we were going to be leaving soon. so, these people i'm with are like, crazy funny! they got me to the point where i do my really weird laugh- the one where its loud and abrasive and then i cant breathe so im quiet for a bit, then these really weird sounds come out. i had just srated to calm down from my last laughfest, and i saw they had a painting on their wall of the picture thats on my mouse pad. so i shou and point to it and start talking really loud about how i have that picture on my mouse pad. only it doesnt come out in english. it wasent even a language at all. i guess i got so excited about it that the words came out in the wrong order, and the letters in the words were in the wrong place so i was all, "Hey! Itgb ag ongl my nab al bagadal shamalamalam!" and i just broke down laughing and everybody was looking at me like i was crazy! and jimmy said something, i cant really remember, maybe it was like "well, don't get too excited, now." and then i had to laugh some more. it was great!!!
  • Well, i'm on a depression so I don't know if anything really makes me laugh hard..
    Tom Seven was funny as fuck, or the Sahara Desert joke.
    "fiiivee bucks."

    A lot of school things too, I can't even remember them right now..
  • You want it.
    You need it.
    You see it.
    You breathe it.
    You lick it.
    You taste it.
    You hold it.
    You feel it.
    You crave it.
    You have it.

    ...if that's not an addiction...then I don't know what is.
  •  Once, when I was eight, my mom told me hand feed the male fat tail gecko. I didn't know that he was territoryal because his mate had eggs. So i stuck my hand in his cage, and instead of bitting the cricket, he latched onto my finger. My mom was no help, she was on the floor laughing while I tried to pry him off my finger. It took 2 hours. I think we had to put a little salt in his mouth... that hurt my finger too though... No worries, he wasn't hurt... but the eggs never hatched :( Go figure
  • Haha this is so easy. I'm laughing as I type this. My sophomore year, my brother Blake, my friends Alysha, Andrea, and Chett, and I created a "green party" for the school elections. We're all strange kids, and we wanted to fight against the stereotype of the kind of person that is always voted for executive council. So upon the day of the elections, we were all sitting on stage, almost through with the assembly. Dane Askeroth was giving his speech, and his motive was that he was the "great Dane." So he had somebody dress up in a huge, scary dog mascot-like suit. I looked behind me into the shadows of the eerie backstage and saw this said 7-foot dog standing there, getting ready to run out on stage. It freaked me out a little bit so I turned to Blake and said, "Don't look behind us," knowing that he would. So he did, and right as he was turning around, the dog-suit-man ran out on stage, right past Blake, as "WHO LET THE DOGS OUT" starts blasting. Blake falls out of his chair, I start laughing my head off, and both of us cannot stop for the remainder of the assembly. I can only imagine how we appeared to the audience hahahha. It seriously still makes me laugh every time I think about it.
    Though the green party really was one of the greatest experiences and statements I've made in my life so far, even if it sucked, THAT would have made it all worth it.
  • I can't even believe I'm saying this but, it has to be the time when I was in my room door closed and locked and I had Britney Spears blasting....mind you I was only like 12 when this happened. Anyways....Britney blasting and I was dancing away doing all of her moves and my brother was watching me from under the door. Then when I walked out he started wailing on me and told my mom and she told everyone. >.> At the time it was mean but now that I think about it I think it's pretty flippin funny.

    My older cousin has been teasing about me lately.......>.>
  • My brother used to love it when I pushed him on the tire swing- one of his favorite things was for me to twist it up really high and then let go, spinning him around and around. However, one time he asked me to spin it higher and higher so that it was almost touching the branch the swing hung from. Then he begged me to give him a giant push so that he could spin faster than ever before. So I did. He flew around and around and around, his body stretched out flat like the propeller of a helicopter, screaming his head off. About halfway down, he let go, went flying into the grass, and promptly went screaming into the house. He was fine fortunately, but now has an unexplainable fear of tire swings...
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