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Writer's Block

Makeover! Or: Creepy Crawlies

If you had the chance to go crazy and completely overhaul your appearance, what would you do? Or: Recount a remarkable incident involving insects.

Answers (245)

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  • i would make my self look like this:

    - the hole cartoon thing and the weird skin. this is a pic i drew of Magess some one i made up...mleh
    any way that what i'd wana look like if i had a normale pic i'd show u but i dnt soz.
  • Get a tattoo!

  • Okay, well I remember when I was younger, a couple of years ago, I found two snails next to the BBQ and they were attached together, so I picked them up and ran into my dad's office then went "Dad look!" Then I pulled them apart and realised a white tube was joining them together. My dad then said "Well done Lucy you've just interrupted them having sex." I was slightly traumatized and confused after that one..
  •  Oh God, SO MANY THINGS! First of all, the tits got to go. Fucking HATE those things! Guys are NOT supposed to have boobs! ! On a more conventional note, I would like to add some red streaks to my hair and grow out my fringe. Perhaps razor cut the back to. I wish my eyes were gray, not brown. Brown's okay but gray rocks. I'd also love to have broader shoulders and slimmer hips, though they already are pretty slim, as well as a smaller and flatter butt, though my butt already is smallish for a chick and flat. Also, I wish my lips were a bit thinner. I don't like them so thick. I wish I didn't have acne either (trying to get rid of it.) Oh, and I want a nostril, cheek and eyebrow piercing, as well as a monroe and snakebites. I'm going to get those done soon. I also wish my fingers were longer. It would be nice to lose my braces too, as they are the only thing, other than money, preventing me from getting snakebites, cheek piercings, and a monroe. At least I can still get the nostril and the eyebrow done soon, when I've saved up for it. My face is already pretty square, so I'm not gonna change its shape. I wouldn't mind having a six pack and some muscle definiton (working on it.) It'd be nice for my legs to be thinner, though at least they already are fairly slim, and slim enough to look decent in tight jeans. I'd also love to be a lot taller. I hate being short! I also want my teeth to be a little whiter. I wish my hair was shinnier too. Also, not so thick. I have really thick, coarse, mostly strait (though with a teeny bit of a wave) Mexican hair and it's a bitch to dye. I got more but I'm too lazy to write them.
  • MAKEOVER! this is an easy one. 1. i would make myself 145 pounds and i would not be able to exceed 155 2. i would lose some thigh fat 3. make my butt bigger 4. make my boobs bigger 5. make my feet smaller and a little less wide gosh. i just really hate myself, huh?
  • Итак наш сегодняшний вопрос: Если бы вам представился случай сойти с ума и полностью пересмотреть свой внешний вид, что бы вы сделали?
    Для начала полную ассиметрию волос на голове с перекрашиванием оных во все цвета радуги.
    Далее чулки. Много чулков. Разных. В клеточку,  полосочку, в цветочек, в узорчик, в черепушечку.  В общем на любое настроение.
    Далеко ходить не надо, что бы понять что чулки носят с юбками. И платьями. Добавим платьев-сарафанчиков весёленьких цветов и непременно чёрный корсет с мини латексной, тоже чёрной, юбкой.)
    Да, и обувь) Сапоги-ботфорты, белые босоножки, ньюроки) и наверное кеды.

    Ах.. что-то я размечталась.. ) Впрочем если у вас богатая фантазия и вы представите меня в чём-то выше перечисленном, то вы меня поймёте)) *плотоядно облизнулась* Да, мяу только дай помечтать об изменениях во внешнем виде..)) Сразу столько идей.. ммм..)
  • One time an earwig crawled into my ear while I was sleeping.  Soooooooooooooooooooooo disturbing.  To this day I sleep with cotton balls in my ears.
  • I'd die my hair bright red and get snake bites, an eyebrow piercing and a tounger ring. I'd get a tattoo on both wrists, on my stomach, on my back, and both my arms. And I'd get those contacts that make it look like you have cat eyes. 
  • this has got to be the most random writers block ever. I LIKE IT. :D okkk. i woullddd.... cut my hair short and dye it bleach blondeee. and i would wear lots of colorful make up. and purple zebra print skinny jeans. and keep a bandana around my head. like those crazy scene kids. ew. haha. a remarkable incident involving insects... well there was this one time when i was 3... like all kids i had a sandbox... the sandbox was underneath my playhouse thing. a swarm of yellow jackets decided to build a nest there... sooooo. little 3 year old amber takes a plastic red shovel and goes after the nest... and the yellow jackets go after poor little 3 year old amber with her little red shovel. well my dad was right there... and would have rescued me right away... except he was holding my month old sister. i ended up with countless stings allllll over my back. ahha. well it wasnt funny at the time.
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