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Writer's Block

Perfect Sandwich

Describe your perfect sandwich, layer by layer.

Answers (240)

  • BLT Bacon, lettice and tomato
  • У нас на эти темы даже не дискутируют. Налоги по-умолчанию..
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  • My perfect sandwich? Well that's boring.
    I love chicken fillet with herbs <3
    So I don't have special recipe or something with an unique combination, but I get happy when you give me a sandwich like that ^^
  • bread. peanut butter. strawberry jelly. bread.
  • Turkey on a soft wheat roll Mustard, no mayo Pepper Jack Cheese Lettuce Tomato Red Onions
  • Toasted bun or whole-grain bread. Whipped mustard-mayo sauce. Thin cut of turkey breast (not from a package, but like you'd have at Thanksgiving). Tomato and cucumber. Swiss cheese.
  •  Top layer of a white hoagie bun

    Dijon Mustard



    Shaved Smoked Turkey

    Bottom layer of hoagie bun.
  •  The perfect sandwich is undoubtedly made, as follows:

    (1.) The outer layer is soft, multi-grain bread.
    (2.) Then we pile it high with turkey.
    (3.) Next, apply colby-jack cheese.
    (4.) A layer of mayonnaise completes it.

    Then you have the most delightful sandwich ever made! End of story! Haha, Mm! Speaking of which--I'm kind of hungry...

                                                                                                                                                               xoxo - A.
  •  Hmm, there are many great sandwhiches I could describe, but my favorite- that I always get when I can is a thanksgiving sandwhich from a deli in Westwood Mass. It is perfect. Stuffing turkey cranberry mayo and white bread- heaven on a plate.
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