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Writer's Block

Commercials: the Best and Worst

What commercial do you love the most? Which do you hate?

Answers (249)

  • Well, I like the phone sex commercials, also the Jack in the box ones, since they are funny. To ME, they are. I have the right to laugh at them, as you have the right NOT to. END OF STORY! #elliotrodger
  • I hate when they have those tampon commercials! It's stupid, degrading and over-all humiliating to have them running around acting like idiot sluts on tv with different coloured tampon wrappings. I did like the one where they had the beaver though, it was cute and hilarious but apparently it offended people so they had to take it off... people are weird o.0"
  • Anything with Animals in it, especially ones with meows in them!! I LOVE CATS commericals in them especially the RSPCA, Whiskas and Fancy Feast are plain cute!!

    The only ads I hate is ones that show people getting abuse or hurt.
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  • Skittles rabbit Emerald Nuts Yeah And Now the ones I hate.. JG Wentworth "It's my money and I need it now" Head-on Apply directly to the forehead
  •  I like Aflack and GEICO Commercials. I abhor the check-card commercial where everything is running smoothly and all cheery until someone pulls out cash or writes a check. 

    I have done pretty much nothing but read and chill today. I couldn't sleep last night and since I didn't have to work today I just stayed up and read until 4 am. Then Abbi woke me up at 8 am :( I couldn't get back to sleep so I read some more. I did fix dinner and did a couple of little things around here. 

    I need to get some more books to read. I kinda wish the youth library included fiction, I'd have several to add to it. 

    I was going to make chocolate chip cookies, but we're out of eggs, I need to pick some up on my way home from work tomorrow.

    It's been an off day. I've felt not really awful, but just cruddy and lazy.
  • Besides the Superbowl, which I can't remember. I haven't seen a commercial in a long-time. DVR baby!! All time though the Budweiser frogs were my favorite while any douche, pad, tampon, yeast infection creme.. well you get the point. I hate all of those.
  • I'm a little late on this one, but oh well.

    You know that one with the little boys who are all, "I'll arm wrestle you for the last glass of cool quenchers..."
    And the other one is like, "You're on!"

    And it's all intense and awesome and then you look and the pitcher is empty... and then there's the little girl who is drinking it and looks up and is like, " I love you."

    Yeahhh.... uhm, here's the video, in case my awesome recount was not good enough for you. LOL.

    Awwwwww. That little girl is so cute!!

    the worst commercial? OMG, Head On. Yeah, LAMMME. It's SO annyoing though. I haven't seen it in a while, thank goodness. I've seen a few that aren't AS annoying, but still.
    You know...

    "Head on. Apply directly to the forehead."
    Repeat 20000000x

    I don't think anyone needs to be subjected to that one.
  • i LOVE the free credit commercials i memorised them all i HATE the bladder control ones they help you not pee but it gives you sevire diaria that makes no sense am i right. 
  • I'm partial to Dutch commercials. Enjoy the following:
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